Ghost Ship - 2002

No Ghost Free Zone On A Ship

This week at Gothic Bite, we are letting you know some of our favorite scary movies.

*** SPOILER ALERT: In these articles you can expect spoilers about chosen subject and movies. Please consider yourself warned. ***

Back To The 00s

I have a couple that I was trying to choose from, but I decided to go with the 2002 film Ghost Ship

This is by far one of my favorite movies: and be warned there will be spoilers! So, if you have not watched it, you might want to skip the article.

Ghost Ship Movie Trailer – 2002

The cast includes some well-known names like Gabriel ByrneJulianna Margulies, and Isaiah Washington. It also stars Desmond Harrington, who has been in many horror/suspense films and shows. 

Ghost Ship - 2002
Ghost Ship – 2002

He was also on the sci-fi miniseries Taken, which, if you have not watched, you should. It was directed by Steven Spielberg and is terrific. 

Salvaging The Otherworldly

Back to Ghost Ship, The movie starts out with one a master of a scene. They are having a lavish party on the top deck of a cruise ship, the Antonia Graza, but something sinister has been put into motion, and before you know it, a wire has snapped, and it cuts everyone in two that is on the top deck. 

Ghost Ship - 2002
Ghost Ship – 2002

The only one left in the carnage is a little girl: who is later tragically hanged by some devious crew. The crew was after the gold that was being transported n the boat. Little did they know they were under the control of something otherworldly. 

In the movie, a salvage crew is approached by a man named Jack Ferriman, who claims to have found the long-lost Antonia Graza luxury cruise ship. 

At first, they are skeptical, but they eventually agree to go with him to see the boat and pull her in for salvage rights. 

Ghost Ship - 2002
Ghost Ship – 2002

The trip is rocky, and they are plagued with doubt as the ship appears and disappears on the radar, only to suddenly appear in front of them as they collide with it. 

They embark their salvage ship to explore the Antonia Graza, and chaos ensues. This is a vastly underrated film. Some did not think it was scary enough, but to me, it brought the scare and then some. One by one, the crew meets an untimely end in some inventive ways.

The Storm Before The Rainbow

For a while, it is not clear who the exact antagonist is, then you realize that it is Jack Ferriman, who is, in fact, a demonic entity that collects souls. 

Ghost Ship - 2002
Ghost Ship – 2002

He is controlling the ship, and he is the same one who guided the salvage crew to the ship so he could receive more souls. The souls that he collects then work for him, to help get more souls. 

I love this movie, the cast is terrific. And to be honest, the only reason I watched it for the first time was Desmond Harrington. I had a little crush on him before came out of the closet. I highly recommend this movie; it is a thrill ride that will get your adrenaline pumping!

Holli Walker

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