The Assent — 2020

The Assent Demons On Netflix

This week we’re sharing our favorite horror movie. Mine is quite underrated and a demonic delight.

The Official Summary of The Assent

The Assent demons on Netflix has a summary and it’s quite intriguing.

After a series of disturbing supernatural events in his home, Joel, a young widowed father, comes to suspect that his young son may be possessed.

The Assent Official 2020 Movie Trailer

At First Assent Glance

The setting of the movie is quick and easy to assimilate. You can tell from the beginning the ambiance you are about to settle into.

If you have watched The Exorcist’s Apprentice, you can perceive that similarity in the filter used to have a cold and darker atmosphere.

The Assent — 2020
The Assent — 2020

The music is subtle and harmonized with the story. Heartfelt and obscure, the tones in the background music are one of an excellent paranormal movie.

At first glance, there is nothing that jumps at you to say this is going to be a bad movie. On the contrary, it sets in quite nicely. It prepares you well for what is to come, and it only gets darker from there.

The Emotional Delivery

The Assent demons on Netflix are one of a kind when it comes to deliver a new type of demonic exorcism.

The Assent might not reinvent the wheel when it comes to paranormal movies, even less to the possession ones. However, it is unique in its own way by delivering a twist at the ending that not even the best detective could see coming.

The Assent — 2020
The Assent — 2020

As a fan of horror movies, books, series, everything, I wanted to watch something I knew but told differently. I was not disappointed. What touched me was the main character, Joel, who has a mental illness preventing the assurance that he could keep his son under his care.

Joel lost his wife and raised his son, who loves him with all of his heart. They are close, and it is quite palpable. When you learn that he has to fight to keep his son with him because of his mental illness, it is heartbreaking.

The Assent — 2020
The Assent — 2020

The social worker, Maya, makes it her mission to remind him at every turn that one mistake and he could lose his son. Joel is a mechanic apprentice at a local garage and pays a babysitter, Cassie, to look over his son until he can attend school.

But, to the social worker, living payday to payday is not reassuring. The Assent demons on Netflix are one of a kind when it comes to deliver a new type of demonic exorcism.

The Demonic Flair

Because the stress of keeping his son isn’t enough, the babysitter gives Joel no notice to her living for college, leaving him without a backup plan. Because she cares for him and Mason, the son, she would often prepare meals and everything the two needed. He would lose a lot.

The Assent — 2020
The Assent — 2020

However, when the son starts to show strange behaviors, the babysitter doesn’t give up on them. The hypothesis of a demonic presence spreads around, and despite not believing in the paranormal, Joel is ready to do anything to protect his son.

What is different about the movie is that you can feel the demonic presence taking over the entire house. Nevertheless, it isn’t the exorcism itself that is the focus but how the demon takes over everything.

The Assent — 2020

The center of attention is on Joel and how he can protect his son. He wants to keep him under his roof despite his decision to allow a priest to help. With mental illness, Joel would be judged not fit to care for his son after an exorcism. Moreover, the social worker can stop the priest and take Mason away from Joel at any time.

Why Is It So Different?

By fixing on Joel and how he fights his mental illness throughout the movie, you worry about Joel. The demonic presence is all around, and everyone’s reaction to it is tangible.

The creepy scenes where the son shows the possession are marvelous in a disturbing way. The reaction from the people believable and the choice for the furniture and artistry done by Joel, perfect.

The Assent — 2020
The Assent — 2020

Everything in the movie scream it is uniquely twisted and obscure. You want Joel to win to keep his son. But how is it possible by allowing a spiritual belief intervenes instead of science?

Again, with the focus on Joel instead of Mason, the worry is elsewhere, and yet the paranormal effect remains present. Not seeing the exorcism doesn’t take away from the movie because we know what it is like. There’s no need to show more of it.

The End Is Not What You Expect

The paranormal is real, and so is the exorcism. But what is it about The Assent that makes me say it has a different ending? I guess you might have to watch that one. Created in 2019, available on Netflix, I mean, just go ahead and enjoy the story.

The Assent — 2020
The Assent — 2020

The Assent is an hour and a half of paranormal drama that pulls you in until the end. This movie is underrated, and it’s a shame because of the acting quality and story. It reminds us of what good paranormal is about. Don’t miss out on the action! The Assent demons on Netflix are calling why not answer?

The OCD Vampire,
Alexa Wayne

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