Night of the Demons - 1988

Yawn of the Demons The Sequel

One of my favorite horror movies is 1988, Night of the Demons. It changed my perspective on the paranormal, the sequel, not so much.

Official Night of the Demons 2 Summary

Let’s read the blurb for Yawn of the Demons, the sequel, shall we?

Angela, the universe’s most unpleasant party crasher, returns! Angela’s sister, Mouse, is taken by her bullying Catholic school classmates to a party at Angela’s favorite haunt.

Night of the Demons 2 – Official 1994 Trailer

And before long, everybody’s being turned into demons and only a butt-kicking nun, who wields her ruler like a mighty sword of steel, can save the day. — Brian J. Wright, IMDb

The Overall Demonic Feel

The story becomes a little too cliché with the Catholic School for girls and boys separated by gender. We have a looser principal who is a priest and, of course, the judgmental nurse. They are quite typical and nothing new or revolutionary here.

Night of the Demons 2
Night of the Demons 2

The characters are quite superficial and no depth to them. The acting is not worthy of any award, but those movies aren’t aiming at recognition. It’s a letdown due to the first one that stood apart for those subtle stereotypes, the black guy is one of the survivors who helps the main girl. That alone had them stand apart.

This movie screams cliché all over the place.

The Interesting Characters

Another let down is the Halloween party that derives from bringing you to Hull House. But before the letdown, they build hope—one of the characters in Angela’s sister, Mouse.

Angela was the host of the Halloween party the year before—the first movie turned into an evil demon. But, as far as the school knows, she died with her friends in the house.

Night of the Demons 2
Night of the Demons 2

Mouse is introverted, shy, and a nerd. She’s surrounded by girls that sleep around and party a lot because: cliché. However, she’s a friend with one of the girls who is in a stable relationship and is kind to her, what else is new?

On the boys’ side, one of them is fascinated by demonology. As I’ve mentioned before in other unrelated articles, the Church doesn’t want to talk about Hell. It is quite strange when aware that without Hell, there wouldn’t be a church, to begin with. But, don’t ask questions is their motto, right?

So, we have one boy who’s obsessed with demonology and Angela’s sister, Mouse.

Getting To Hull House

Because the group finds themselves punished by the nun and confined to their room, the ‘bad girl’ decides to convince her friends to follow her. Her ‘bad boy’ of a boyfriend gets them all to Hull House. They think it funny to bring Angelica’s youngest sister to the place where she died. Because of cliché.

Night of the Demons - 1988
Night of the Demons – 1988

The Hull House was a property for funerals and a crematorium. A wall of stone surrounds the entire estate to show where the water stream is below. Demons cannot cross running water, and interestingly enough, that is an actual fact according to demonology and from the first movie.

The premise of the first movie was that the house would wake up with its demons every Halloween to lure people in. So, the sequel kept that going with Angela as its main puppet of Hell. A plus is that they were able to keep the same actress. If it wasn’t for Angela, this movie would have this title: Yawn of the Demons, the sequel.

The Ridiculous Accumulates

Without getting too much into detail, if you wish to binge-watch the trilogy, I can give you the gist. The demonologist in the making accumulates lots of information concerning Hull House and its story.

Meanwhile, the group of friends that party at the Hull House tells all kinds of stories about Angela turning to a demon. Of course, they do so in front of the sister because apparently she’s not traumatized enough.

Night of the Demons 2
Night of the Demons 2

The full sequel is about the sister having to confront Angela to realize she’s lost to Hell. Also, that a nun can turn to Rambo when facing demons when armed with rosaries and holy water. Seriously, this is quite offensive. Be respectful a little.

Even if it’s to show good wins or not, this was entirely wrong from the beginning. The clichés and stereotypes are slapped in your face and shoved down your throat. A sequel to the first movie was a good idea, but this one, not so much.

Halloween Is Over

Like the first movie, most of the teenagers are gone and belong to the house. I can’t say I was disappointed. They needed to go. I’m not joking. I feel bad for the house to have to pull up with them.

Overall the sequel was a let down because the first one, despite its 80s cheesy look, had all the goodies of a demon movie. Also, strangely enough, accurate information about demons and possessed places versus hauntings.

Night of the Demons - 1994
Night of the Demons – 1994

Angela is again the focal point, and she delivered as she did in the first movie. That was a positive note. What I didn’t appreciate was the disrespect toward nuns and the stereotypes that were exaggerated.

I know the goal was to laugh, but sometimes less is more. Also, church or Catholic school versus demons? Really? Couldn’t you find another idea? Because its name should be Yawn of the Demons, the sequel.

I give this sequel a lousy 5/10.
Angela saved what little could be saved from the movie.

The OCD Vampire,
Alexa Wayne

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