Angels Above Demons Below

When asked what my favorite monster is, contrary to popular belief, it isn’t vampires, but demons.

Say A Prayer

Angels above Demons below is the common knowledge. Some of us like to be safe and be what society refers to as “normal.” I don’t. I am an individual looking for the strange, and I fit with weirdos.

Raised Christian, I went to the Church every Sunday and was part of the choir. I even took part in our church group to keep the company to elderly people without families. Moreover, I loved every minute of it.

Archangel Michael
Archangel Michael

After all, I grew up reading the Bible. In school I took my religious classes. But, I questioned everything. The part that captivates me the most was the fallen angels.

My family branded me as either the black sheep or dared, calling me the “little devil.” After all, my mother had me outside of marriage and ten days before her twentieth birthday. To my family, I was damned to Hell.

Obsession Over Temptation

Knowledge and deduction are the greatest powers one can possess. With that in mind, I decided not to reject the beliefs I received but understand it better. Satan was the favorite Archangel and the most beautiful. No doubt about it.

But once he fell out of heaven, i.e., Fallen Angel, he became not just the King of Hell but a demon. The meaning of the word itself can take many forms.

Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel

Do I consider Satan to be pure evil? Not by a thousand miles. Why? Because for there to be good, there has to be bad.

The expression “as above so below” means balance. So, Angels above Demons below, is not far-fetched. I believe that it possible that Satan fell for Hell to rise. It was so people who judged themselves guilty alive had a place to go once dead. That is my belief as an individual.

That was only the start of my obsession.

Era Of The Daimōn

I am a certified demonologist. I studied the universal thought of demons and the meaning that comes with it. My extensive research on the subject has me captivated by the realm surrounding the existence of said demons.

The meaning of the word demon or from Antique Greek, daemon, refer to divine power. In Latin, spelled Daimōn, again originating from a Latin verb, means “to divide.”

We come back to my hypothesis of balance, the eternal good vs. evil but not ultimately as a hero vs. a villain.

Note here that in Greek Antiquity, the word daemon or daimōn did not have the weight of negativity it has today. Demons were not part of their belief, as we know them nowadays. It was not a word equal to malevolence.

Fast Forwarding To Demon

Even once Christianity reached Eastern Europe, statues from Pagans and Christians were everywhere. However, once implemented and somewhat wildly spread, Pagan beliefs became targets. As a result, some of their deities became daimones, i.e., demons and followers of Satan.

We are now entering far into the Byzantine period, where Christians decided to perceive Pagan beliefs as demonic. It wasn’t okay to coexist any longer because it was an infestation. Angels above Demons below, that was the only verdict.

The Bible
The Bible

The word itself suffered a negative transformation within the Septuagint translation of the Hebrew Bible to Greek. It resulted in the drawing of the ancient mythology of Semitic religions.

Long story short, the medieval period saw the birth of the word demon into its negative connotation. This happened at the same time that all religions besides Christianity were demonic.

If you wish to see it with your eyes, I might suggest the historical series of The Last Kingdom. You can see the depiction of how the Church started spreading its belief and how Pagans and Vikings alike welcomed it. Some were quite ready to tolerate, others didn’t mind, but some were evil.

The beauty of The Last Kingdom shows that there were victims on both sides, Pagans-Vikings and Christian. Why? Because a belief is a belief, nothing more and nothing less. At the end of the day, it is what we do with that belief that counts.

The Abaddon Paradox

Now that demons made their place into the story of humankind. Their reason for existence lies in many religions throughout the world. Christianity didn’t invent those creatures because they resided in folklore way before it took its form in the Bible’s Book of Genesis and the New Testament.

Even today, many around the world believe in their existence. These entities are capable of snatching one’s body and bend it to their will.

Angel Statue
Angel Statue

According to Aleister Crowley, the demon named ‘Chorozon‘ or for some others, ‘Abaddon,’ has a place in psychology. That demon is the one ruling the abyss.

He is one that God placed there himself, but his origin and birth are wholly grey. That is despite people saying their belief is the right one. It all depends on interpretations, and mine is part of the minority.

I believe Abaddon to be the contradictory residual Jesus left behind in Hell when he resurrected. Upon dying, Jesus took with him all the sins of the people of the world.

Those sins had to end up somewhere before he purified himself to go back to heaven. Those sins took the form of Abaddon, who stayed behind to guard the abyss.

The Existence Of Demons

While Abaddon is a useful concept for the “inner demon” psychological process for humans to explain their fears or inner debate, other demons “exist.”

Many of us consider demons to be metaphors, but others believe in their existence. In fact, many scholars are ready to say aloud that demonology is at the source of the existence of Christianity, Judaism, among other religions during the Persian era.

M0014280 James I: Daemonologie, in forme of a dialogue. Title page. Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images Title page Daemonologie, in forme of a dialogue James I Published: 1603 Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 4.0

Demonology is a self-explanatory study. However, you cannot entirely understand its existence if not plunging into it with an open mind.

It’s a history book filling the blank the Bible doesn’t have. After all, the Church stands for Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit. They don’t preach Satan’s word—not that he really had any.

Note that here I am focusing on Christian demons and not worldwide ones.

Tell Me What You Truly Desire

So, if we focus on Christianity, which mentions the word demon sixty-three times in the Bible, demons execute Satan’s desires. There are three different kinds of demons, to be exact.

Some demons are deceased dreadful people and remain on Earth to plague the living. The second type of demons is hybrids. They form through the union of angels and humans. Now, why would they be demons? I have no idea.

Lucifer on Netflix
Lucifer on Netflix

The third ones and most powerful ones are the Fallen Angels. They are the ones who sided with Satan once Michael cast him out of heaven.

There is a belief that demons can easily possess a human’s life. Yet, the soul is the one thing they can’t take. The soul must be given willingly to the demon.

“Well, that would imply the Devil’s actually interested in your soul. You didn’t sell your soul but you do owe me.”

Netflix, Lucifer

I, myself, believe in what Netflix’s Lucifer said because I share the same thought.

The Vatican Possession

Exorcism is a practice frowned upon by every medical expert, and that includes the Vatican itself. An exorcism occurs when a human fills all the checkboxes to confirm the body belongs to a demon.

The exorcism is there to force the demon out of the human body. That is by putting the demon through several excruciating hours of “torment.”

Vatican St-Peter Basilica
Vatican St-Peter Basilica

Some victims died during an exorcism procedure. The complexity of the faint existence of exorcism relies upon strict and severe judgment by the highest members of the Vatican.

While the Church endocrines the existence of Jesus, angels, heaven, and whatnot, they frown upon demons and Satan. What baffles me is that one does not exist without the other. If Satan had never suggested tasting the apple, Jesus would, therefore, never been born.


With that said, the Church throughout history, proved itself often not a participant in religious trends. The Three Hundred Years of Witch Trial was mostly due to people and not the Church itself.

In Italy, where the Vatican is, was the safest for witches. Many would ask why, but the answer is simple, the Church does not recognize witches as a threat because they don’t believe in magic. Yet, they believe Angels above Demons below.

The Remaining Exorcisms

Demons take many forms and come from many places. Those most fascinating are the fallen ones. Satan and Lucifer, Beelzebub, and Bael. Those are quite powerful fallen angels and demons that ignite my brain craving to know more about them.

Death Hell Demons
Death Hell Demons

Impossible dream to achieve, interviewing them. Angels above Demons below and I don’t think there’s a phone provider with a line going there.

But let’s talk exorcism. As said before, those become scarce in between. The Vatican doesn’t want to have any association with those practices. Therefore, priests and nuns, practicing the intervention are now on the DL and never talked about.

Also, you read right, nuns can perform the most powerful exorcisms of demons. They go about it differently than priests but are quite effective. Theoretically speaking, of course.

In a study consisting of four hundred and eighty-eight societies, seventy-six percent believed in demonic possession. So, let’s do this!

The Exorcism And The Possessions

If you are one of the franchise fans, who saw The Conjuring or watched ghost hunting shows or even followed the Warrens. You might be familiar with what follows.

There are many facets to demonic possessions. In fact, we count six stages of the proprietorship. Those go under classifications as follows.

Anneliese Michel
Anneliese Michel

The first stage is the demonic possession occurring with a demon that takes full control over a body. What happens without the consent of said person but not without deserving it in one way or another. Maybe they called the demon or provoked the entity.

The second type refers to the obsessive nature of the person. That can include sudden outbreaks caused by illogical thoughts without the consent of the person’s mind.

It can blow out of proportion and express itself in forms of depression, leading to suicidal tendencies. Often the demon acts through dreams.

Anneliese Michel Exorcism Audio Tapes – YouTube

Right in the middle is the oppression aspect of demonic possession. The conscience of the person is still present, but there might be involuntary actions. Often negativity spreads around the person who repeatedly wishes to remain within that negativity.

The fourth kind, see what I did there, refers to the external appearance of the possessed. The victim can show external bruises that are often deep scratches, cuts, and wounds like they suffered a violent beating.

Skull - Occult
Skull – Occult

Now we’re getting serious with the fifth level of possession, the infestation. This one affects the entire surrounding. It spreads around by changing the house, various objects, and even animals. The demon took full possession of the victim’s environment.

The last possession is subjection. At this point, the victim is often near death. They cannot go under any more pain the demon inflicts. As a result, they voluntarily surrender to the demon. In this case, the soul becomes the property of the demon. Angels above Demons below and their souls are heading straight to the abyss.

Middle Ages Classification

In the Middle Ages, the classification of possessions happened and still stands to this day. The reason is simple because it happens to be quite useful. Some of the reasons being that it sounds almost paranormal.

The possessed manifest meta human strength proving that without a being more robust than themselves within, it is impossible to do. Often a child could show the strength of a bodybuilder, and that can raise some questions.

The Last Exorcism
The Last Exorcism

If the victim speaks in tongues that they are neither familiar with or it is a dead language, it is considered possession. However, this classification can sometimes be a mistake. In some cases, a person was not speaking a language but English in reverse.

The third classification turns to the revelation of knowledge the victim cannot possibly know. If you are a stranger to the possessed, you can ask the date of birth of someone or something you alone know. With social media, these days can be harder to do.


The fourth and last classification is profanity. When an exorcism test is in progress, often priests use holy water, a bible, recite a prayer, or show a cross. As we already know, the victim would either react by cursing, vomiting, or make offending gestures.

The End

The proof relies on the impossible, as we see in movies. Sadly, it can’t happen with today’s technology. Because a hoax can easily be the answer. Demons might exist, but we wouldn’t know because of people creating false documentation.

Because demons are my favorite doesn’t mean I’m a Satanist, hell, it doesn’t even say I believe. It’s the unknown and unexplained that fascinates me. The reason being that I believe in the infinite power of the brain.

Brain wave
Brain wave

Demons and exorcisms are beliefs and can be placebos. We are in the twenty-first century, and still, to this day, the brain is a mystery. Who can prove to me that if Jesus existed, Satan didn’t? Who is to say that one’s residual energy is not somewhere and alive?

I guess what I’m saying is the unknown is where legends and stories begin.
If it’s Angels above Demons below, where do you go?

The OCD Vampire,
Alexa Wayne

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