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Music Week Goes Full Metal Song Covers

After a week of phobia now, Biters, we’re going into music! So, as a YouTube addict, let me present you, my musician.

 Fear To Cheer

Seems we get to go from fears to cheers this week Biters, it’s a GBM music week. I’ve always thought there is no such thing as a bad song. It’s just the wrong artist or the wrong genre. 

That being said, Biters and GBM writers alike may have noticed I love hard rock. I love cover bands. So this week hailing from Norway, uploading his first video way back in 2006. But not going viral until 2013, he now sits at 3.89 million subscribers, 813 videos, and 963,507,565 views. 

Frog Leap Studios – Leo Moracchioli – Wannabe Metal Cover

Biters, for music week, I’m shining the spotlight on Leo Moracchioli and his YouTube Chanel, Frog Leap Studios.

Goth Melody Ideas

The driving idea for music week was gothic songs or artists. Choosing a musician that triggers some kind of strong emotional response from us. 

While plenty of YouTube artists can cause that nostalgic hitch in the back of my throat. That is when they hit that particular note or beat in a song. Those aren’t part of the goth crowd. 

Leo Moracchioli
Eye of the Tiger (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli feat_ Rob Lundgren)

Enters Leo and Frog Leap Studios. I chose him for this GBM special due to his uncanny ability to make songs I enjoy into songs I love. He also turns ones I hate or outright can’t stand into songs I’d buy off iTunes. Moreover, he turns them into those that would be on a regular playlist in my library. 

Just about every song this man touches turns to gold. In my honest opinion, I think there’s not a song out there Leo can’t save.

Leap Of Music

Averaging about a video a week, what I love about the Frog Leap covers in both the songs and videos is the uncertainty of what will show up in your subscription folder. 

You just know whatever it is it’ll rock. You can go from Leo singing AC/DC in his studio to him riding in a bus, sitting at a small child’s drum set singing Wheels On The Bus in the next video. 

Leo Moracchioli
Ice Ice Baby (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)

When I first discovered Leo, he was belting MC Hammer‘s Can’t Touch This in his bathroom sitting on his toilet, pants around his ankles. So, let me tell you, Biters, it made one hell of an impression. That is because I’m still hanging around to see what’s next five years later. 

Guess this makes him the Forrest Gump of metal because just “like that box of chocolates, you don’t know what you’re gonna get.”

Psychotic Breakdown

While his points of inspiration might change Leo’s videos do have there staple features from a colorful cast of recurring characters and what i like to call his psychotic breakdowns.

The roster consist of Leo himself, a puppet Leo, a devil puppet, and the gothic white rabbit who i think at this point is even more of a mascot then the frog in his logo.

Leo Moracchioli
Like A Virgin (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)

The psychotic breakdowns are a Leo must almost acting as his signature on the song letting his guitar skills shine as rifts you know and love suddenly go off the rails in spectacular fashion.

At worst it’s only a minor emersion breaker but more often then not it brings a welcome edge to his covers.

Answering The Call

As I said before, I chose Leo for his ability to take songs I hate and turn them into songs I love. My interest in Leo’s music always reminds me of a story I enjoy telling from my old job. 

A church had booked a private party and obviously wanted to hear their church songs. So, not to listen to the music, my co-worker ended up putting his headphones on. 

Leo Moracchioli
Love Me Like You Do (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)

He listened to his rap hit songs and goes to the beat of his music while pumping his fists in the air. He started pushing his trashcan across the room, but nobody could hear his music

It looked as if he was in a trance listening to religious music. He saw the light and received the call from above. It was quite funny if you ask me.

A Spice Girls’ Come Back

Fast-forward a year or so later. I discover Frog Leap Studios. My fashion is one of a hard-rock music addict or a Hottopic website model. I wear my vest, multiple rings, and leather bracelets, and always wearing dark colors. From head to toe, I look like a typical rocker.

I wear my headphones, and nobody from the outside can hear what I’m listening to. So, nobody knows this thirty-something dude is listening to a metal cover of a Spice Girls‘ song.

One of the songs that I like from Leo that he covered is Rolling In The Deep from Adele. Don’t get me wrong I like the original.

Adele’s voice is beautiful, and I can feel the passion, the soul in her voice has me feel her passion that she puts in her work.

The Leo Factor

After really listening to the lyrics and the amount of soul and passion, Adele puts into the song. To me, it comes out as a girl crying into a tub of ice cream when she was dumped.

Meanwhile, Leo put it through a hard rock metal filter. It gives the song a nice edge. His version is what Adele’s song vision of a scorned lover would do. 

Leo Moracchioli
I Kissed a Girl (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli feat_ Phil X)

You can see the image of the broken-hearted lover lighting the place on fire and unleashing hell. You know, the classic throw of the entire closet out on the front lawn from the bedroom window. 

In conclusion, Leo is not a woman I would like to cross on a bad day.

Covers Are Worth A Listen

Biters, I can’t say enough about Leo, his channel, or his covers. Spinal taps amp may go to eleven, but Frog Leaps goes to twelve.

Leo Moracchioli
Somebody That I Used To Know (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)

So if metal, high-energy fun, or bat shit insanity sounds like your cup of tea, I say Leo is your man.

Until next time,
James Vaughan

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