Slasher Season 1 The Executioner

A Slasher Series That Keeps On Giving

Right now, the interior of the house is safer than the outside. So, a Slasher series seems in order.

The Slasher Intro

A Slasher series that keeps on giving through an anthology of stories that is unique and old at the same time.

All is in the delivery of the story, right? Well, this Canadian show is quite a treat and currently plays on Shudder and Netflix.

Official Summary

Slasher is an eight episode, one-hour psychological thriller series.

Slasher Series Official Trailer Season 1

Sarah Bennett, a young woman who returns to the small town where she was born, only to find herself the centerpiece in a series of horrifying copycat murders based on the widely known, grisly killings of her parents.

Afraid of the Dark?

Our very own Kendra Hale did the review of the first season of Slasher. Now, three seasons later, I believe it to be the best one yet. As an anthology series, much like American Horror Story, you must remember that each season has a new story unrelated to the previous one.

What I do enjoy, though, is seeing the actors cast again as new characters. We see them in either new lights or similar ones. Another thing that is great about this series is that it reminds me of Are You Afraid Of The Dark, but this time, for adults.

Slasher Season 1 The Executioner
Slasher Season 1 The Executioner

It has this feel to it that we all know so well if we’re already horror fans. I could feel the vibes of Urban Legends, Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Seven, and Friday The 13th.

It’s in the right way because the stories are smart while not depriving you of the “of course, this is going to happen.” Again, all of it is in the right way because it is a Slasher series that keeps on giving.

The Themes Reinvented

Each season has a story and a theme. The season goes by with a serial killer that has a purpose and a reason for the killing. Sometimes you believe it to be noticeable while other times, it isn’t. The show isn’t reinventing the wheel here, but they are presenting themes in a new light.

Characters are quite likeable and relatable. Each actor knew their place and what needed to be done. You get that feeling right off the bat that each actor is right where they need to be.

Slasher Season 2 Guilty Party
Slasher Season 2 Guilty Party

If you know your horror, you have an advantage, but it doesn’t limit the fun you have watching the series.

The serial killer style isn’t going anywhere. It’s one that is popular, and people can’t get enough. Each season the theme changes with the story, but the serial killer genre remains. You can see traces of “Ghostface” or “Jason,” but it’s passion.

Gory You’re It!

I know many people are not comfortable with gore, even when it comes to horror. I understand. Some of us, also as horror fans, prefer not seeing much of it, and that is fine, and no one should feel less of a horror fan.

However, Slasher is a hit and miss when it comes to gore. Some scenes they leave to the imagination while others are graphic.

Slasher Season 3 Solstice
Slasher Season 3 Solstice

But trust me, I am not okay with what we know as Torture Porn Eli Roth being the best example as a director in the genre to give an idea. But, Slasher I can watch. It’s fine.

The reason why it isn’t as bad as let’s say an Eli Roth movie is that some of it are exaggerated. Also, the way it is done is more—for the lack of better words—slasher flick. Lots of blood, entrails, appendages, and it’s more fun than it is gross.

It does have the “horror effect,” but not so that one would have nightmares. It’s well done for the purpose of the series.

Blood and Guts

Does Slasher overkill it? No. Everything you see has a purpose. At some point, you believe the entire small town is part of the crime. Each story leads you to think that each person is a possible suspect.

The ambiance chosen for each season is clear, and the intention defined to make it simpler to understand. Another style the series seems to be fond of is the flashback sequence.

Slasher Season 3 Solstice
Slasher Season 3 Solstice

Aside from the first season, the two others that followed went back and forth. Easy to follow, again, no worries there.

Slasher Season 1 The Executioner
Slasher Season 1 The Executioner

The flashback and present story goes well together, just like blood and guts. Music is also the right choice for each season. It is so much fun because we hear music from the 80s and 90s, and it just brings you back to the good ole days.

The wardrobe is accurate to the time when they go in flashback mode. Everything is easy to identify—no mistake in the choices made for the wardrobe and accessories.

Crime Of Passion

Slasher is a guilty pleasure because you can feel the passion. Those who are writing the stories have fantastic creativity.

The delivery from the actors that keep on coming back for more confirms it. Much passion goes into the making of this Canadian series.

I cannot wait for the fourth season! The originality in eliminating some of the people in each season can be entirely original and sometimes gross. Especially if you put yourself in the shoes of the person dying, ouch!

Overall the series touches every chord a horror fan would enjoy. It has its cheesy moments, but in such a right way, it’s delightful to watch!

It gives your mind a break from those super heavy thriller movies or series. It’s just pure fun and pleasure. A Slasher series that keeps on giving and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

I give Slasher a solid 8.2/10.
I highly recommend it!

The OCD Vampire,
Alexa Wayne

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