Darkwave German Band, DARK Is Making Its Debut!

Gothic Bite Magazine shares the debut song Forever Suffer from the new German darkwave band, DARK.

A Darkwave

DARK, a darkwave music band, releases Debut Music Video, Forever Suffer. Originating from Hamburg in Germany, on June 15th, they unveiled their first-ever song. It happened via their official YouTube Channel.


DARK appeared in the darkwave and dark alternative scene as well. The song Forever Suffer is in the legitimate darkwave category. The song has a mysterious synthesizer arrangement.

The Musical Arrangement

It shows off the coldness and obscure ambiance of its creator. The song reveals deep vocals, filled with a mystic atmosphere.

The rhythm itself falls into the postpunk category while the synthesizer melodies bring up the haunting soundscape.


Forever Suffer from DARK — Official Music Video and YouTube Channel

There is not much more that we know from DARK at the moment. But rest assured that the project is quite exciting and the dark sounds are what we are looking for.

Not Quite Ready Yet

The debut album is currently in the making. If you wish to support the group DARK, merchandise is available.

It is also possible to follow the band’s channels. Add them to your playlist, and, of course, spread the word around!


Stay tuned for more about the new band, DARK!

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