The Demon House — A Film By Zak Bagans

The Demon House Documentary

Ghost Adventures is a series that captivates viewers. But its host, Zach Bagans, went a step forward when buying the Indiana Demon House.

The Infamous Ammons House

A little history before we plunge into The Demon House Documentary! The Ammons haunting story is probably most popular when one calls it, the 200 Demon House. Many believe that the demonic possession that occurred in 2011 is alleged.

The house is in the town of Gary in the State of Indiana. It all started with Latoya Ammons and her mother, Rosa Campbell. Latoya was the mother of three children who disclosed the paranormal events taking place inside the house.

The Demon House Documentary Official Trailer – 2019

The story became out in the open once the mother and grandmother spoke up about it. Its popularity gradually climbed to the top and, in the end, received attention from the entire country.

Proof of the house is real? The address made public makes it apparently legal to share: 3860, Carolina Street, Gary, Indiana. You might find a pile of dirt, though, unless they rebuild a new house.

Paranormal Activity For Real

In the month of November in the year 2011, Latoya and her mother, Rosa, moved into the house. It didn’t take much time after the family settled in that black flies took over the porch. The flies would go back and forth but never die.

The grandmother said she heard many times footsteps coming from the basement and saw shadow figures in the living room. The grandmother suffered choking by an invisible force and found boot prints inside the house.

The Demon House — A Film By Zak Bagans
The Demon House — A Film By Zak Bagans

Latoya’s daughter, at twelve years old, said she levitated above her bed. She unconscious at the time and was at a sleepover to a friend’s house. The daughter has no memory of what happened to her.

Her brother bounced back and forth across his room by an invisible force. The youngest eyes rolled so far back as he growled, “It’s time to die,” as well as, “I will kill you.”

Time To Call Reinforcement

Geoffrey Onyeukwu is the physician the family chose to see on the 19th of April, 2012. He mentioned the behavior of the family to be delusional.

The police arrived following the doctor’s office call. The children went to the hospital while the oldest boy seemed to be more rational, but the youngest kept screaming and thrashing.

The Demon House — A Film By Zak Bagans
The Demon House — A Film By Zak Bagans

Sensational stories published in outlets had the Department of Child Services claim the children were simply acting for attention. But those unbelievable stories reached the New York Daily News!

One of the reporters claimed she saw with her own eyes, the youngest walking up the wall backward.

Paranormal occurred in the house, according to the police captain, Charles Austin. A shadow figure appeared in a picture and appeared in the Indianapolis Star. But, no one was home at the time it happened.

Latoya and her mother didn’t stop and hired a priest, Father Michael Maginot. He performed an exorcism and interviewed them on the 22nd of April 2012.

The Demon House — A Film By Zak Bagans
The Demon House — A Film By Zak Bagans

His conclusion was that the house suffered demonic possession. Three exorcisms followed. Two of them were in English and one of them in Latin. One of them exclusively for Latoya herself.

Because the haunting didn’t stop, the family moved, and apparently, all activity resulting from the experience concluded. The Demon House Documentary does mention it.

Skepticism Remains

Dr. Onyeukwu showed skepticism the entire time he studied the case of Latoya and her family. His personal notes about the family read, “delusions of a ghost in the home,” as well as “hallucinations.” He noticed that the children had a history of irregular school attendance.

Even a complaint filed against Latoya shows in records in 2009. Dr. Onyeukwu also noticed that in 2012 Latoya used the demonic experiences to defend her children’s irregular attendance in school.

The Demon House — A Film By Zak Bagans
The Demon House — A Film By Zak Bagans

Skepticism continued with Joe Nickell, who confirmed that Charles Austin, a police captain at the time, was a believer in the supernatural. Therefore, his encounter couldn’t be proof of what was taking place because of his bias.

Nickell confirmed that the picture shared in the Indianapolis Star was not a picture from Hammond Police and was not official in any way. According to Nickell, many demonic experiences were actually naturally explained, who did an investigation on the house.

The landlord himself, Charles Reed, said that he never experienced strange things happening in the house. The tenants before Latoya’s family claimed nothing happened to them either.

The Demon House — A Film By Zak Bagans
The Demon House — A Film By Zak Bagans

Charles Reed explained that coincidently, at the time demonic activity happened, Latoya was behind on rent. Therefore, Mr. Reed concluded it was a hoax.

Psychologists interviewed the children, and many professionals concluded they were acting deceivingly in agreement with their mother’s belief. Dr. Tracy Wright noticed the youngest would act as if possessed whenever he wished not to answer a question or felt challenged by it.

Now The Documentary

In a nutshell, host of Ghost Adventures, Zach Bagans repurchased the Demon House in 2014 for $35.000 only to have it go under complete demolition in 2016. The Demon House Documentary took three years in the making. The house, according to the media, was to become the next “Amityville.”

As part of The Demon House Documentary, the story mentioned above is part of the story and explains how Zach come about the house.

Ghost Adventures
Ghost Adventures

We jump forward into the documentary, where Zach does an in-depth search of the home and find the basement is made of concrete except under the stairs.

Some objects appear personal. With further investigation, it is a general consensus that satanic rituals took place—note here that the word ‘satanic’ is wrongly used, they are referring to dark magic summoning demons. Those are two entirely different beliefs; Satanism has nothing to do with Satan from the Bible.

Let’s Go Deeper In The House

Zach and his filming crew noticed oil on the window blinds. The house is relatively small in a modest town on a regular street. When talking to the policemen, they found out that some recordings they took in the house have unknown background noises.

Mika lived in the house in her teenage years and brought two of her children with her to visit the house. She mentions hearing things when living there but never mentioned it before.

The Demon House — A Film By Zak Bagans
The Demon House — A Film By Zak Bagans

She disregarded those things that happened because she moved from the house. However, her daughter asks Zach many questions. He is pleased to answer and leads to dramatic events later.

A few days after Zach and his crew spent a day with Mika and her children, he learns that her daughter attempted suicide. Is it in relation to the house? We can never know.

They decide to do more investigation. Surely Zach was not the only paranormal investigator wanting to learn about the house. They find that a couple of parapsychologists, i.e., like Ghost Adventures people, committed murder-suicide and did investigate the Demon House.

The Crewmember Going Bat Crap Crazy

One of the crewmembers starts showing strange behavior toward others. Eric shows signs of aggressiveness and nothing before the Demon House leads to believe he was ever as such. Anger, hatred, impatience, and surface can become problematic.

Even in the hotel, Eric acts violently and can become a danger to himself and the crew, most likely Zach. His actions are erratic and thinking entirely irrational.

The Demon House — A Film By Zak Bagans
The Demon House — A Film By Zak Bagans

The crewman threats Zach, Eric, is not the man the group met and changed radically. Fired, the cameraman leaves the crew, and strangely, all goes back to normal for him once he left. So, at least one of them is doing okay.

Some Of The Crew’s Findings

An interesting scene caught on camera in The Demon House Documentary is when one of the cameramen follows a scientist hired by Zach next to a shadow figure.

He doesn’t notice it, but it grows as he approaches the room next to him. It is quite clear, and since the event occurs during the day, shadows are regular, but that one is against where shadows would appear.

The Demon House — A Film By Zak Bagans
The Demon House — A Film By Zak Bagans

The scientist seems to be a paranormal believer, so I took what he said with a grain of salt and made my conclusions. However, he caught EVP and geothermal anomalies, which took place in the basement where demonic rituals supposedly took place.

The scientist felt discomfort and left the house. He went to the hospital, where he received a diagnosis of an illness that follows him to the end of the documentary. Is it in relation to the house? We can’t say.

The Grand Finale

The big finale of the documentary consists of Zach locking himself up in the house. The entire building barricaded he cannot see outside, and anyone outside cannot see in either. He is left with an armchair, a table, and a television. The lights are lit everywhere in the house. Zach doesn’t hide his discomfort.

I found intriguing his reluctance to turn off the lights and how he seemed uncomfortable even with the lights on. He displays a frightening approach to noises happening. You would think he would be in his element after so many years of hosting Ghost Adventures, but it is quite the opposite.

The Demon House — A Film By Zak Bagans
The Demon House — A Film By Zak Bagans

It is often mentioned that the crew displayed behaviors that were different from their natural day-to-day personality.

Zach, of course, as usual, was more susceptible to the overall situation. They say the house affected them but did it, or was it psychosomatic due to chronic exposure to the story of the house?

The Other Evidence

When doing their research, Zach and his team discover that Latoya’s family received a call from Hollywood to turn the story into a movie.

Often media contacted Latoya to expose the story, and details wouldn’t add up. Some things were said to others, not quite, and others entirely different.

The Demon House — A Film By Zak Bagans
The Demon House — A Film By Zak Bagans

Zach himself believed at one point the entire story, and what happened was a hoax. After all, some of those portions of the story made its way to TMZ, periodicals, and blogs. The Ammons House to be the next Amityville. Those are significant prospects!

When Zach had the house inspected by professionals, doubting the story to be true after all, he finds out more than he bargained for. The house had mold, asbestos, no air circulation, chimney not cleaned and blocked, unlevelled floor, high levels of CO2.

The Demon House — A Film By Zak Bagans
The Demon House — A Film By Zak Bagans

Those are all legitimate scientific proof that even Latoya’s family might also not be aware that what they experienced was actually in their heads. They were most likely victims of hallucination, delusions, dizziness, sickness, nightmares, and so on.

Zach’s early conclusion was that the story and the house was a money grab. The entire neighborhood, including the police department, was victim of mass hysteria.

What’s Left To Say?

The documentary leaves you with a huge question, what the actual fuck happened to Zach’s eyes? It says that after his night alone in the house, he went to the doctor and has permanent damage. That is it. That is all she wrote!

The Demon House — A Film By Zak Bagans
The Demon House — A Film By Zak Bagans

After the house’s demolition, Zach kept the dirt, the altar, and the basement stairs. To what end? Who knows? Apparently, it wasn’t enough to get an eye illness or whatever the fuck it is he caught in there that he wants to bring home some of the most haunted objects for a sequel?

The last thing said was the police captain reporting that people, even after the demolition, would go at the emplacement and perform ‘satanic’ ritual, again, most likely demonic ones.

The Demon House — A Film By Zak Bagans
The Demon House — A Film By Zak Bagans

My take on The Demon House Documentary is parts of it might be sincere while others were made up. I am not saying that Latoya or her family lied; on the contrary, I believe they were victims of the house’s poor maintenance. What I fail to understand is where that 200-demon count came from.

Updates on the house? Contact us!

The OCD Vampire,
Alexa Wayne

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