Robert The Doll

A Wicked Case of Pediophobia

After moving to a new city, young Andy Barclay receives a special present from his mother. Sounds familiar? Well, Chucky has a creepy origin and its true name was Robert.

The Beginning Of A Beautiful…Disturbing Friendship

In Key West, FL on a street by the name of Eaton, sits a home referred to as “The Artist’s House.” It was in this beautiful home, originally built between 1890 and 1898, that a young man named Eugene would receive a life changing present. 

Eugene Robert Otto, by all accounts, was only around 10 years old when he received a hand-made, one of a kind, cloth doll from one of the servants who worked for his parents. A gentle gift, given the name of Robert, would soon cause waking nightmares for the boy known to family as Gene.

Robert The Doll
Robert The Doll

What had seemed so innocent a gift, slowly but surely gave signs that something wasn’t right. One night Gene woke to find Robert the Doll sitting up on the end of his bed, almost as if watching him.

Moments later Gene’s Mother would be awakened by the screams of her son, after struggling to get open the door to his room, she would open the door to find the room in shambles, her son crumpled in fear, and Robert just sitting there on the end of the bed.

The only words Gene would be able to get out that night were “ Robert did it.” It would be his lament through the coming years when unexplainable things would happen.

What Robert Wants

A lifelong friendship is what became of the doll being gifted to their son Eugene. His Mother and Father would often hear Gene talking to Robert but hearing a different voice responding back.

Other things like running steps, different facial expressions, all were phenomena reported.

Robert The Doll - Key West Florida USA
Robert The Doll – Key West Florida USA

When Gene’s parents died and Gene moved back into their home with his wife Anne, things began to amp up. Anne was uneasy around Robert and when Gene wanted to give Robert his own room with a view, she begged for Gene to put Robert in the attic. He conceded.

Soon, rumors came back of Robert mocking schoolchildren that would pass by the home on their way home. Shocked to hear it, Gene went up to the room the kids were referring to and sure enough, there was Robert, sitting in a chair waiting for him.

Robert The Doll
Robert The Doll

Gene would do this several more times, but the efforts were all in vain. After Gene passed, the next family were treated to Robert’s antics when their 10 year old daughter found him in the attic and the cycle started all over again.

The Here And Now

Robert no longer resides at the home he once knew, he currently finds himself at the Fort East Martello Museum in Key West. Tours are held and visitors can meet Robert in…person.

Though many have tried to get a shot of Robert, most are unsuccessful. One of the warnings still given is for patrons to show respect as Robert’s wrath is still well known.

Workers whisper of demonic giggling and even seeing Robert placing his hand against the glass.

Robert The Doll
Robert The Doll

There have been many theories as to what Robert’s origin truly is. Whether the reason for the evil is from the giver of the doll, the servant who gifted him to Gene all those years ago. Theories of Voodoo and Witchcraft, Demons and Ghosts.

The truth may never be known. What you believe is up to you, but if you are ever in Key West and feeling brave enough to say Hello, Robert is waiting for you to stop by. 

A word of caution, pay attention to the letters that surround Robert, those of visitors past who ran amuck of Robert in one way or another. It may save you from an apology yourself.

Good Luck.
Kendra Hale

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