Satanic Panic - Fangoria - Shudder Original - 2019

A Satanic Panic Worth Watching

My love for horror goes way back. I think I preferred horror to any other genre. So, I subscribe to Shudder and watch the first movie that popped up Satanic Panic!

Satanic Panic Original Summary

A satanic panic worth watching read the summary!

A pizza delivery girl at the end of her financial rope has to fight for her life, and her tips, when her last order of the night turns out to be high society Satanists in need of a virgin sacrifice. — IMDb.

Satanic Panic – Official Trailer – Fangoria & Shudder – 2019

All The Clichés

The movie is exactly as its description. It is a B horror comedy movie, and its representation is nothing less. The story is not as empty as one would think but has its clichés as well. The virgin young, good-looking woman and low budget demon, but it’s not half as bad as other movies.

The Satanic Panic movie itself comes from Fangoria and is a Shudder Original. The usage of a few actors that we can recognize from other works is fun to watch and bring some fun to the story.

Satanic Panic - Fangoria - A Shudder Original - 2019
Satanic Panic – Fangoria – A Shudder Original – 2019

We meet Danica Ross played by an actress we know as well as her husband too! The overall filming is well done, and the soundtrack fits the story as well.

If you’re looking for a jump scare, this isn’t the movie! We’re looking at the biggest cliché with the young virgin woman and right old school special effect makeup for demons and organs. Keep in mind, this is a horror-comedy, not a thriller!

The Satanic Story

The main character, Hayley, is quite loveable and not stupid while we follow her journey into the rich part of town, delivering pizza. She has this scooter about to run out of gas to deliver the food. Because she has no money as mentioned before, she lives by every cent she earns.

Satanic Panic - Fangoria - A Shudder Original - 2019
Satanic Panic – Fangoria – A Shudder Original – 2019

The story is not ridiculous when it comes to following the logic of what leads our young woman to her journey into the satanic cult.

What I enjoyed was that all rich people living inside the gated wealthy town are part of that demonic cult. A secondary character, Samuel Ross, tells Hayley they are going to die and asks her, “Why do you think the rich remain rich and the poor stay poor?”

Satanic Panic - Fangoria - A Shudder Original - 2019
Satanic Panic – Fangoria – A Shudder Original – 2019

The suggestion that rich people or the 1% sold their soul to the devil to be productive is clear, but Hayley isn’t ready to accept her fate just yet.

As a result, she refuses to believe satanic people are about to have her get sex with Baphomet to give birth to a demon. Let’s face the fact it sounds ridiculous! But that’s what the movie’s about!

Some Thought Into The Story

What is rather interesting about the movie is that through Hayley’s journey, we learn a bit about her background story and why she’s a virgin. Through some accidental but quite hilarious killing, we find some details about her that makes a satanic panic worth watching.

Satanic Panic - Fangoria - A Shudder Original - 2019
Satanic Panic – Fangoria – A Shudder Original – 2019

After escaping a house and ending up in another, she actually makes friends with one of the satanic cult people’s daughters, Judi. That’s when the story gets quite interesting!

The daughter of the high priestess’s refusal to be part of the satanic cult had her learn everything about it while Hayley’s accidental but quite efficient killing method can become a good team!

Satanic Panic - Fangoria - A Shudder Original - 2019
Satanic Panic – Fangoria – A Shudder Original – 2019

Some details in the movie about how to trap a volatile demon or how to counter effect one voodoo-like spell aren’t wrong but somewhat accurate. I like it when movies, even the B horror comedy ones, want to put some thought into little details.

The Baphomet Representation

Historically, the very first mention of the name or word Baphomet was in July of 1098 and had a strong relation to the Knights Templar. When King Louis IV of France, not a fan of the Knights Templar, decided to persecute them, the name Baphomet surfaced many times.

Baphomet Statue
Baphomet Statue

The most famous representation of the Baphomet is the one in association with the Sabbatic Goat by Éliphas Lévi. It contains the elements representing the equality and balance between humans, animals, males, females, good and evil. The hand of Baphomet means nothing more than a tradition resulting in a peaceful order.

Now, if we dive into the satanic part, we all know the visualization of Baphomet is the most popularized one for the Devil.

We see it clearly in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina—which upset Pagans and Satanists because of the false representation of the statue, and we see it in Lucifer as Mr. Morningstar’s coin.

Netflix — The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
Netflix — The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Both shows belonging to Netflix, and both use Baphomet as a link to the Devil or Hell itself.

Speculations around Baphomet goes back to France and the book La Clef de la Magie Noire. It also brings speculative historians to the idea of its inspiration going back to the Pagan days.

Satanic People Watching

In the movie, Baphomet is the one the cult is after. Many consider Baphomet to be the closest representation of the king of Hell.

However, because the movie’s title is Satanic Panic, one would think they would cast a spell to summon Satan himself. Instead, Baphomet is the one coming.

Satanic Panic - Fangoria - A Shudder Original - 2019
Satanic Panic – Fangoria – A Shudder Original – 2019

The usage of the pentagram and usual cloaks are present and, of course, colors of red and black. However, what is different is that the rich people casually dressed, getting rid of the stereotype of gothic people linked to Satanism.

Overall, I’m a certified demonologist, and I enjoyed the movie. It’s not great; it’s not bad, it’s a cute horror comedy movie. I recommend it to entertainment. When you’re a horror fan but want something light to watch, not much is out there, but this one does it! It’s a satanic panic worth watching

I give it 6.6/10.

The OCD Vampire,
Alexa Wayne

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