Merry Krampus Vol. 2 by Gothic Bite Magazine

GBM Wishes You Merry Krampus!

The holiday season just around the corner, and you’re looking for something to read? Gothic Bite Magazine has you covered with a frightening compilation of horrific stories! ‘Tis the season!

GBM And Merry Krampus Vol. 2 The Blurb

Welcome to the spooky and twisted world of authors who know that there is more to this world and season than Santa Claus. The horn and hoof man comes from the north once a year to visit each of us and give us a holiday season to remember. Because GBM wishes you Merry Krampus!

Merry Krampus Vol. 1 & 2 Official Trailer

From thrillers to suspense, from horror to paranormal, turn the pages if you dare! This compilation isn’t your usual holiday season anthology! Gothic Bite Magazine made sure this year would be one to remember!

So to all a Merry Creepmas and a Happy Fright!

Merry Krampus The Authors

Many people write for Gothic Bite Magazine, but new addition tagged along for the ride in the anthology. Amazing people decided to make this compilation possible with their twisted version of a Krampus story worthy of GBM! Also, of course, GBM wishes you Merry Krampus!

Merry Krampus Vol. 2 by Gothic Bite Magazine
Merry Krampus Vol. 2 by Gothic Bite Magazine


Kendra Hale is Gothic Bite Magazine’s COO and Alexa Wayne’s #1. She is one creative mind that can drag you into her world, and nothing can stop her! She works as a special effect makeup artist, a professional inker for comic books and manga, she is an anime writer, a prolific author and blogger writer, and that’s not mentioning her knowledge in editing and proofreading.

Kendra Hale
Kendra Hale

Now, her stories are part of the Merry Krampus anthology. Because two is better than one, she wanted to scare you not just once but twice!


Brady is Gothic Bite Magazine’s Editor in Chief. She watches the words and creates some fantastic crafts of her own with Absolute Alchemy. Brady enjoys fantasy but also the informative side of the Gothic world. She writes about the disturbing medical discoveries and horrific stories of the past.

Christina Brady
Christina Brady

Her story took a while to write. But that’s because the horror was too much to share with the public! She had to restrain herself and come up with something good and give a good scare.


Holli is not one of our regular writers at Gothic Bite Magazine, a close friend of Kendra, who tagged along. We are happy she did, and we hope she comes again! Discover her incredible talent and what crawls around her brain when no one is watching!

Holli Walker
Holli Walker

Her writing is refreshing and so easy to read that I would recommend pacing yourself to enjoy her words. You might want to read it again and again!


JA writes reviews for Gothic Bite Magazine and is relatively new to GBM. But he was not unfamiliar with the genre and our ways. He jumped on the occasion to join the Merry Krampus community and submitted his story within a week. It’s almost as if he knows Krampus personally.

JA Stone
JA Stone

For those who don’t know JA, he is an eccentric author and the only one who created Red Sandy Cat Detective. So, what do you think his Krampus story must be about? Only one way to find out for sure! First, grab a cup of coffee and start reading.


Winter is not new to the Merry Krampus anthology. She participated last year, and again she joined us this year. It is enough to have one wonder if her love for the gothic style is strong or if Krampus has a hold on her mind. He comes only once a year, so he must make it count!

Winter Lawrence Author Picture
Winter Lawrence Author Picture

Winter is a prolific author and editor. She has a unique style. Her Krampus stories are always welcome and most intriguing!


Rebecca is one of Gothic Bite Magazine’s writers who enjoy history and the darker side of humankind. She has a passion for words, reading, history, and murder. Does that make her part of Krampus’ crew? It surely does, I think, but I have no proof. She took some time crafting her story.

Rebecca Hill
Rebecca Hill

Enjoying cold cases and mysteries, she made this story to fit her agenda and turn Krampus into one hell of a case!


A.G. is Winter’s friend, and that is how we came to know him. She brought him along, thinking he would be an excellent addition, and he was. Maybe A.G. is a friend of Krampus himself, who knows? He submitted his story quite fast. I smell Krampus!

A.G. Rodriguez
A.G. Rodriguez

Don’t hesitate to read his story filled with spook and freaks. You can find the paranormal and Krampus working his holiday creeps!


Arielle aka Alexa Wayne is Gothic Bite Magazine’s CEO and creator. She has a strong passion for the paranormal ever since a toddler. She always preferred the night and spooky environment to sunshine and rainbows. This story is no exception to her liking. She brings the goth into the paranormal tale.

Arielle Lyon aka Alexa Wayne Author – 2019

This time Krampus is attacking her world, and Arielle aka Alexa Wayne is not ready to surrender. You can bet this story coincides with the Lord Impaler series and her next horror series to come.

Are You Ready For GBM’s Merry Krampus?

GBM wishes you a Merry Krampus! So, why not treat yourself! Krampus is part of folklore and legends from northern parts of Europe for a millennium, and now he’s coming to this side of the ocean. Why not give him a place in your home and celebrate the holidays with him?

Available on Amazon as a Kindle and Paperback, Merry Krampus Vol. 2 is sure to bring a smile to any reader or goth in your life! Moreover, you are encouraging this fantastic team of writers and the indie community!

From all of us here at Gothic Bite Magazine, we are proud to present you the Merry Krampus Vol. 2!

And to all of you a Merry Creepmas and a Happy Fright!

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