Mrs. Blackwood A Five Star Horror Novella

Mrs. Blackwood is the introduction to The Lord Impaler Series. An opening to a world with vampires, werewolves, and many other monsters. After its release, it won the heart of readers who gave it a solid FIVE STAR!

The Unique Cover

Mrs. Blackwood has one cover for the digital version while the paperback itself has a special and unique cover. Arielle Lyon previously known as Alexa Wayne studied graphic design and being an illustrator has her possess an eye for design. 

Wayne knows what she wants and so when in the process of making the covers for Mrs. Blackwood, she had a specific idea in mind. She always enjoyed the neat and clean look.

The Lord Impaler Series - Book 1 - Mrs. Blackwood by Alexa Wayne aka Arielle Lyon
The Lord Impaler Series – Book 1 – Mrs. Blackwood by Alexa Wayne aka Arielle Lyon

She prefers one focal point to many. Her color choices are ever revolving around three when choosing a specific look.

For the Lord Impaler series, each digital and paperback novels are to have different covers to make it enjoyable. Arielle Lyon plans on making it fun for readers to wish to collect all covers she prepares for her paranormal series.

Mrs. Blackwood Reviews

Reviews become harder to come by and sometimes people can be quite hard on indie authors. Alexa Wayne is quite grateful with each person leaving their comments. Here are two examples of reviews from Amazon.

The Lord Impaler Series - Book 1 - Mrs. Blackwood by Alexa Wayne aka Arielle Lyon
The Lord Impaler Series – Book 1 – Mrs. Blackwood by Alexa Wayne aka Arielle Lyon

“So upon getting this book, I was ramped and ready for another romance novel. And all the foolishness that those possess.

I was shocked when lo and behold this well-written book was able to not only build up the characters in a way that leaves you wanting to know more about them individually but also more about the secondary characters unmet as of yet.

A perfect paranormal romance that keeps you hanging on ’til the last words.” — K. Hale

K. Hale from Amazon

While Alexa Wayne accumulated reviews from diverse places such as Amazon, GoodReads, she also has some left on Facebook and from BookBub. Mrs. Blackwood seems to be enjoyed all around!

Arielle Lyon previously known as Alexa Wayne

Mrs. Blackwood was an excellent read! I was immediately enamored to our hero, Coralie. She’s tough – a Taekwondo girl with attitude, who’s not afraid to fight. She meets Damian under ‘less than perfect’ circumstances (he saves her life, but I don’t want to give anything away), and is catapulted into the world of the paranormal.

I shouted out, “That son of a…!” when the betrayal was revealed, and from that point forward, I was on the edge of my seat. Well done. Good storytelling!

I would recommend this title to anyone. Mrs. Blackwood was, to me, a gothic action tale inside a vampire intrigue, inside a historical romance novel. Excellent.
— J.A. Stone

Author J.A. Stone from Amazon

What’s To Come

Mrs. Blackwood is only the beginning of a series that brings in not only Vlad the Impaler but other people from history. Horror, suspense, and mystery await you in this unique take on the paranormal path. In the meantime, here is the summary of Mrs. Blackwood.

Coralie was looking forward to another restful summer in her favorite location. Her life has always been routine, and she thrives on the quiet that her getaway location has to offer. This summer, however, is nothing ordinary. 

The Lord Impaler Series – Mrs. Blackwood by Alexa Wayne – Book Trailer

She is about to learn that everything she thought was nothing more than folklore is real, and it’s more terrifying in person than it is in the books. As her world turns upside down, she must learn to navigate a new reality and possibly resist the charms of the Sheriff of the South, Damian Blackwood.

Although she is intrigued by him, there is a side of him that terrifies her more than she is willing to admit.

There is something at play in the mansion owned by Mr. Blackwood. Dark forces are teaming, just waiting for the right moment to strike. Coralie is about to learn that she might not survive the summer and that more secrets are lurking that are waiting to be discovered.

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  1. I love both covers!!! This book was awesome!!! Can’t wait to read more!! Shared on my socials!!💋💖👍😉


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