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Vital The Scary Drink Coming Soon

VitaL is comparable to any fruit punch juice manufactured by VitaL Tech. Initially, it was created by Bernabé Lavoie in the summer of 2015. The drink comes in a black opaque old-fashioned bottle and will soon be available.

A Scary Drink

Keep your eyes peeled for the new fright. When VitaL hits the shelves, it might become the most high-water mark for the unexplainable paranormal encounters which happened lately.

Furthermore, when Gothic Bite Magazine launched in March of 2018, our determination was to look out for strange meetings and witnesses with obscure stories.

Likewise, we’ve heard of energy drinks, but VitaL is nothing like that. It has a mix the look of an antique bottle with the larger than life 80’s colors and logo style. It is the weirdest manifestation of the paranormal and horror frenzy happening!

VitaL Bottle Advertisement
VitaL Bottle Advertisement

What is scary about fruit punch? Well, we got the secret from Bernabé Lavoie that VitaL has a secret ingredient making it unique compared to all other beverages. Henceforth, VitaL is for those unafraid of anything or anyone hiding in the dark corners of the night.

The History Of Fright

Bernabé Lavoie is a quite secretive man. Unfortunately, Information about him is next to impossible to find. However, when asked to advertise on our website, we asked for little juice details about him and why he decided to create the drink  VitaL.

Like most of us at Gothic Bite Magazine, Bernabé has a passion for the paranormal. He wanted to create something all Gothic lovers would enjoy to drink.

“Everything out there aims at the ‘cool teens’ or workers with their energy drinks. Nothings represent those who prefer their Goth life or passion for horror. We’re always left out! I had to create something for us.”

Bernabé Lavoie

On that note, Bernabé Lavoie decided to lock himself in his kitchen laboratory and concoct something for us “monsters” to enjoy. It took Bernabé a few years to come out with the perfect recipe, but once he achieved his level of perfection, he stuck to it.


Soon, VitaL hits the refrigerator of public places, and with it, we’ll read, “Scaringly Drinkable.”

The 80s Are Back

With a twist of modern Gothic and 80s, VitaL can appeal to many people. The classy black bottle and the logo bringing a little fun might do the trick to attract even more than just the outcasts. Fruit punch first, other flavors in the making, VitaL has quite a life ahead of it!

Of course, black is always in style, just by aesthetic alone, VitaL could become the next hit drink sold everywhere. We all know that the eighties came back with a modern twist.


We can see it in fashion and on television. Besides, nostalgia is something that pulls people in to reminisce on their past. It is an excellent marketing point!

Moreover, I wonder what song accompanies the drink. Do you have suggestions?

Coming Soon But When?

Maybe more than humans might walk in your grocery store to buy a bottle. We might see what we never thought could be true! Who knows with VitaL soon hitting the shelves? However, Gothic Bite Magazine doesn’t know the exact date of the launch yet.

VitaL Bottle Advertisement
VitaL Bottle Advertisement

In the meantime, we can only imagine its taste and what type of people it can attract. The scary fruity drink might be the doorway to a new lifestyle! Just like Gothic Bite Magazine, Written by Monsters for Monsters, VitaL might be just as weird.

The OCD Vampire,
Alexa Wayne

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