Dracula Untold - 2014

Dracula Untold A Review

People who know me know that I am a little obsessed with Vlad the Impaler. I have read his story, his life, and research to understand his mind better.

People who know me know that I’m also obsessed with vampires. Now, the combination of both my love is in one movie, Dracula Untold. So, here’s my review.

The Summary

At the turn of the century, the young lord Vlad and his family live a peaceful life. Them ruling over their small kingdom.

However, when a Turk warlord demands from Vlad a thousand boys and his son. The reason being to create an army. Vlad seeks a terrible power that will allow him to protect his kingdom.

Dracula Untold – Official 2014 Movie Trailer

Moreover, protect his family from the Turks at a terrible cost. — Written by Blue_EagleUK, IMDb

The Impaler History

Everyone knows the name, knows he impaled his victims. However, not everyone knows the story of the man before he became the monster. Nor do people know the suffering he went through his entire life until his death.

His year of birth being a mystery, even his death remains unknown. It happened between the age of 45 and 47, who knows…

Dracula Untold – 2014

“Why think separately of this life than the next, when one is born from the last? Time is always too short for those who need it, but for those who love, it lasts forever.”

Vlad, Dracula Untold

It would take twice the length of the extended Lord of the Rings trilogy to tell Vlad’s story. It might not even show half the horrifying obstacles and torture he went through. Nor would it show half the heartbreaking loss he witnessed and suffered for his people.

Some see him as a monster; others see him as a hero. All we know, he went down in history as Vlad the Impaler.

The Dracula History

Irish author, Bram Stoker wrote a Gothic horror novel, which came out on May 26th, 1897 in the United Kingdom. It told the story of a strong vampire, Dracula, inspired by the historical monster Vlad the Impaler was. Note that it only happened to be loosely based on him and not as historical as one would think.

“Men do not fear swords…they fear monsters.”

Vlad, Dracula Untold

His nemesis, Doctor Abraham Van Helsing, is after him. The reason being to end his life before he succeeds and moves to England. That is to spread the vampire curse.

Dracula Untold - 2014
Dracula Untold – 2014

Van Helsing happens to be the main character. From my point of view, at least, as he is the “hero”. Dracula is the monster, just like Vlad the Impaler. However, the castle and his title are fictional to the Dracula novel and don’t match history.

After all, it is a work of fiction. Dracula means dragon in Romanian and Vlad the Impaler was of the House of the Dragon. It is true and inspired by Bram Stoker‘s vision. A vision that we now associate with Dracula. Furthermore, with the monster and everything nightmarish in the world.

Romanian Hero

Dracula Untold came out in the year 2014. I wasn’t ready to watch the story. The reason being that I loved Vlad the Impaler and history too much. It frightened me to see it butchered. I feared someone would destroy the vampire coexisting with the historical hero of Romania.

Dracula Untold – 2014

“My father was a great man, a hero, so they say. But, sometimes the world doesn’t need another hero, sometimes what it needs is a monster.”

Vlad, Dracula Untold

As you can tell, I am very attached to what and who I love and obsess over. I am quite hard to please and satisfy. Four years passed, and my husband recorded the movie. It played on television and thought I would give it a shot eventually.

Dracula Untold - 2014
Dracula Untold – 2014

Well, it happened last night. He just put it on and new it would get my attention. He was lying on the couch, and I was sitting on the one parallel to his working on my novel.

I had my Monster High headphones on, and with my peripheral vision, I saw the movie begin. I looked over at my husband who glanced at me as if to say, “It is time.”

So I kept my computer on me, stubborn to the fact that it would disappoint me. I was wrong.

The Untold

The way Gary Shore directed the movie. So, to have the history of Vlad the Impaler, Printul, and Voivode of Wallachia. All that intertwined with the legend of the vampire he became amazed me. The Vlad fan I am know his story by heart. Vampires have no secret for me. I watched the movie like a child would Disney, in awes.

Dracula Untold - 2014
Dracula Untold – 2014

My heart broke, my heart rejoiced and broke again. Luke Evans was perfect in the role of Vlad III and had my heart in his hands the entire time. He represented Romania’s hero with dignity, strength, courage, and bravery. Evans even shared the appearance and overall look. He represented Vlad III nicely at the time of his life chosen for the movie.

I saw the passion in Evans‘ eyes, felt his pain and love and wish to conquer the Turks. His desire to protect his people go beyond the importance he gives to his life. That’s the Vlad I come to know.

Dracula Untold – 2014

The color spectrum chosen for the movie is perfect for the story and period. It is a dark time and war and is about to rise once more between Wallachia and Hungary. Important details narrated at the beginning of the movie set the tone. The entire scenery is impeccable and supports the story.

The adjustments made to incorporate the vampire factor in Vlad’s life carefully thought. I believe them to be right and make every choice he makes even more onerous on his shoulders.

In My Eyes

Many criticized the movie. However, I wonder how many share the obsession I have. An obsession for both Vlad the Impaler and vampires. Moreover, trying to collide history and fantasy together is something hard. This one is to me a work of art.

Dracula Untold - 2014
Dracula Untold – 2014

I won’t hide that I cried three times over scenes depicted in the movie. That is despite knowing I was right and it all intertwined with the vampire factor. I saw the history behind the fangs and tears rolled down my face.

This movie is to be a solid 10/10 for its creativity, choices, and artistic factor.

The OCD Vampire,
Alexa Wayne

9 thoughts on “Dracula Untold A Review

  1. I own this film and always appreciated its story angle on humanizing the hard, life-changing choice made by Vlad to protect his people and his family, and really appreciated his love for Mirena. A well-acted, tight film.

    To broaden your vampire lore, I recommend Lifeforce (1985) — the near two-hour version and not the older truncated one — which blends sci-fi with horror in a brisk, exciting film about soul-sucking space vampires. One I easily rewatch with the same enjoyment as when I first saw it (of course I own this one as well, due to repeat viewings).

    I know I’m straying from Vlad/Dracula a bit, but Byzantium (2012) is one of my favorite vampire films of the past decade, and has a refreshing ambience and a focus on the struggle of the female leads among the male-dominated history of the clan.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve watched many vampire movies of very different settings: from Daybreakers to Lost Boys and 30 Days of Night. I even watched Let The Right One In and was so impressed by it.

      However, I haven’t watched Lifeforce or Byzantium (I’m guessing during the Ottoman Empire?) I’ll check it out.


  2. I completely agree with your review! I share you deep love for vampire history and mythology, and I thought this film was superb. It ends as if there would be a sequel but I’m disappointed that I’ve heard no mention of that.


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