Looking For A Haunted Castle?

When you hear the term “haunted castles” you automatically start thinking about tragic lovers, royalty, and those who died in combat.

However, there is so much more to a haunted castle than those few categories. Sure, there are castles that are FULL of royal ghosts, and they can be found easily with a Google search.

So Many Ghost Stories

Why do we love a good haunting? Everyone loves something that is going to cause the hairs on their arms to stand up. Whether you believe in ghosts, or just love to read a good ghost story – then this is something that you are going to LOVE!

When you begin traveling, you are going to discover that every place has stories. Each has a piece of history that is going to evoke those feelings of loss. After all, that is where true ghost stories start.

Visit a battlefield, read through old letters or diaries, or just find someone that has lived there forever, the historical society is a great place to start, and as questions.

You are going to find more than your share of ghosts in any town that you travel through. However, castles are where some of the best-known stories take place. Let’s take a quick visit to a few that are sure to give you that spooky feeling!

The London Tower

If you want a huge ghost-fest, then you must visit this location. The Tower has been the last residence for hundreds over the years. While many royals used to spend the night in the Tower before their coronations, there is a darker side to the residence. It has been the last stop for many who were on their way to the executioner’s block.

The story of Anne Boleyn is one of the best known, but there are so many more. Beneath the gleaming white walls, torture, despair and death were common. This is not the idyllic home that many would wish for, and for the doomed souls that went into the Traitors Gate, one can only imagine the terror that they were feeling.

The spirit of Anne Boleyn has been reported to have been seen, carrying her head underneath her arm. The two missing princes have also been said to have been seen, still playing on the ramparts where they once had happier moments. Visit here and see what type of ghosts you might run into! There are many to choose from – just be careful to not be left alone anywhere!

The Highlands of Scotland

Scotland has a full cacophony of ghosts. The bloody history of Scotland has left many unwilling to wander out of doors alone at night. Now, if you want a tragic ghost story, head on over to Aberdeenshire.

It is said that one of the ladies, a Blanche Drummond was killed so viciously that her blood could not be removed from the staircase that she was pulled down. Now, the stairs have undergone some renovations, but it is said that the blood does reappear at times, and there is nothing that can be done to remove it.

Scotland - Stirling Castle
Scotland – Stirling Castle

While you are wandering around the countryside, there are many castles that can be visited, each with their own special visitors. But Stirling Castle is another that must be placed on the list of the ultimate spook fest. This castle has been active for a very long time, with a retinue of famous royals in and out of its hallowed halls.

There are reports of servants looking for their masters, and of course, we cannot forget the bloody history of Scotland. This Castle was said to have been almost impenetrable, but that does not mean it was not attempted. There are tales of soldiers, one complete in a kilt, seen wandering the grounds and halls of the castle.

Castle Fraser - Scotland
Castle Fraser – Scotland

One of the castles in Stirlingshire, has some younger guests in residence. Heartbreakingly, there were two children who died during a fire, and it is said that their spirits still reside waiting for someone to come back for them. They can be heard running through the castle halls, playing.

What About Ireland

We cannot forget to add Ireland to the list! Ireland is the home of some of the best hauntings. Clonony Castle is one that is a MUST! While this was built back in the time of the Tudors, it has quite a history around it. Get ready for some spine-tingling horror.

There is a spot called the murder hole that is located within these halls, and one can only imagine the horror that went on in there!

Clonony Castle - Ireland
Clonony Castle – Ireland

Leamaneh Castle is rumored to be among the most haunted places in the world, and this one screams of terror and ghosts. The woman who owned the castle was rumored to quite a few husbands, the number creeps into the twenties, and each one of them was murdered.

She was eventually killed by some of the townspeople, but her ghost is rumored to still wander the grounds and the halls of the place she once called home.

So Many Hauntings

As far as castles go, this list could go on forever. Murdered husbands, children killed for gain, wives and mistresses who were taken care of, prisoners, and so much more – the ghosts are just waiting for a chance to tell their stories.

There are many who are searching for something, or someone, and they spend their time just waiting for the right person to set them free. As long as there is breath, there will be ghosts and ghost stories.

Rebecca Hill

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