All Dark Places: A DSP Anthology — Compiled by J.E. Feldman

In a world where so many dark things go bump in the night, terror awaits around every corner as these authors take horror stories to the next level. — Google

A Book Review

If you want a good book to make the hair on your arms stand up, pay attention. I love a good horror read. I need something that is going to make me want to sleep with the lights on at night, with a baseball bat, just in case. This book did not disappoint!

There are five stories, five short reads that are going to give you the chills! I can’t give you the entire plot, but I will do my best to give this book, and the stories, some justice.

Dark Secrets and Hidden Pasts
By: Hui Lang

When you make a pact with evil – you must be prepared for anything to happen. One woman is about to discover the true cost of this pact – and of course, what might befall one who does not fully follow through with their end of the bargain.

My Thoughts

This one was good, but sort of fell flat in a few places. It seemed stretched, and some of the characters not as fleshed out as I would have liked. Overall it was decent – it definitely made the hair on my arms move just a little bit.

The Cursed Mirror
By: Anna Sinjin

There is nothing better than a little gift, especially when it comes from the one that you love the most in the world. But when that gift harbors a dark secret, you might secretly think that you are losing your mind! Discover the nightmare that one young woman finds herself in, just because of the CURSED MIRROR.

My Thoughts

So this one was really good. I truly enjoyed this one – the hair on my arms stood on end more than once! Oh, my goodness, I think I was thankful at that point that it was NOT dark outside, and that I could read it in the comfort of the sweltering heat outside. I promise, this is one story that you are not likely to forget anytime soon.

Horror in the Woods
Horror in the Woods

Once In A Lifetime
By: Simon Dillon

Ghosts from the past might pop up when you least expect them, but sometimes those ghosts are often left better untouched. One gentleman is about to learn the hard way what happens when you forget painful memories of the past – even if those memories do not affect you in particular. As he struggles to get back to his family and out of the nightmare that he woke up in, stranger things are happening to him during the day… just what does that presence behind him want??

My Thoughts

OMG! This one was WOW. I felt like I was LIVING the story – which is probably not always a good thing. I could feel his desperation, the desire, and then at the end…. Well you are going to have to read that for yourself. But this one is even BETTER than the last one!

The Harrison Farm
by: A.M. Cummins

When you find your dream home, its best to not poke in certain places. Finding the perfect house is not easy, but when one falls into their lap, this young couple is going to learn the hard way that secrets do not remain buried, and sooner or later, the truth is going to come out. As Emma pokes more into the history of the home, and the sadness that is felt, she knows that there are secrets still hiding. She is not prepared, however, for the changes that seem to be taking over their family. Can they survive their dream home, or will the dark secrets swallow them?

My Thoughts

I LOVED THIS ONE! Is it possible for sections to get better as you read through? Well, this one just hit me on so many levels. Be prepared for rolling emotions, crazy thoughts, and of course – that one eccentric character that just pulls the story together. I can’t tell you the entire plot – I must leave you to discover that for yourself, but I can tell you – DO NOT READ THIS IN THE DARK! There, you have been warned.


The Mark Of The Spider
By: Hui Lang

Murder. But not any sort of death that anyone is used to. This one has the police scratching their heads, leading to Detective Price coming onto the case. As he tries to figure out who killed one of the wealthiest residents in San Francisco. But as Detective Price delves deeper into the case, it might turn out to the one of the most challenging ones yet…

My Thoughts

well anything that has to do with spiders is a NOPE! I cannot stand them. So, from the start, my skin was already crawling. I will not say that it got better during the course of the story. Oh, my goodness, I don’t think I have ever moved as much as I did reading this one! If you want something to give you actual feeling of creepy crawly, this story will do it!  Please take my advice, a little warning if you will. If you detest spiders, tread lightly. This one will have you jumpy and scratching all over the place. Worth the read, but you might want to jump through the shower when you finish!

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum
Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum


Alright, now that we have gone through each story, are you ready to dive in? I wish you happy reading, and of course, many sleepless nights! Read these stories at your own risk. You have been warned! May your nightlight be stronger than the shadows…

Rebecca Hill

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