L.E.D. — Living with Eating Disorders

FEATURING: L.E.D. Living with Eating Disorders – The Band

Something is looming on the horizon and that is a beautiful and haunting melody. Made up of the duo of Andrea Kerr and Jared Hawkes, L.E.D is releasing their first EP on May 1st, 2019. They gave us here at Gothic Bite Magazine some inside information and a sneak peek at some of their upcoming tracks.

The L.E.D. Band’s History

UK writing duo, Living with Eating Disorders, is Andrea Kerr and Jared Hawkes who began writing together back in 2001.

The band caught the attention of renowned producer John FryerDepeche Mode, Cocteau Twins, NIN, who produced their debut EP, White Like Snow, which was released in August 2004 on Johns label, Something to Listen To.

L.E.D. - Living with Eating Disorders
L.E.D. – Living with Eating Disorders

The band received high praise for the EP and played several UK shows including support for Psychic TV and Whitehouse in London, but increasing pressure surrounding the name forced the band to withdraw from the public eye and in March 2005 LWED performed their last gig—a multimedia gallery project, Parliament of Monsters, with live sets, projections and sculptures.


Keen to move beyond the controversy surrounding the name, the band returned on Halloween 2005 as Colt, to release their debut album These Things Can’t Hurt You Now, So Throw Them in The Fire on John Fryers label Something to Listen To to critical acclaim from the independent
worldwide press.

Andrea Kerr from L.E.D.
Andrea Kerr from L.E.D.

In 2008, after changes in the live line-up and the dissolution of Something to Listen To, Colt released the EP You hold on to what’s not real featuring four tracks, and remixes by artists including Arlen Figgis and William Bennett, on their own label Obvious Records along with the video for Black Rabbits.

They also re-released These Things Can’t Hurt You Now, So Throw Them In The Fire with bonus tracks Arm and Lullaby Remix by Arlen Figgis featuring Mike Figgis on Trumpet, from the LWED EP White Like Snow, and the previously unreleased Gag Reflex.



In 2016 Andrea contributed lyrics and vocals to the track She Stands on a Storm by John Fryer for his project Black Needle Noise.

Jared and Andrea are currently working on music to be released later this year, and on Beltane, May 1st, release Superhero, the first in a series of original EP’s remastered for digital release for the first time.

L.E.D. - Review in Burn Magazine
L.E.D. – Review in Burn Magazine


“LWED have crafted such an enthralling slice of scarred beauty…music that will work its way into your head and deep, deep into your soul”


“Weird, unsettling, and wonderfully unique for it”

Zero Magazine

“A much more delicate Kate Bush playing with soothing caressing warm silky electronica”

Organ Zine

My Thoughts

While the group has several dates for releases this year, I got a chance to listen to a few of their tracks that are releasing on Beltane, the EP Superhero, and on May 31st, the EP Polaroid.

The press release for L.E.D gives big expectations, I mean it sets the stage of excitement for what you are about to hear.

LWED have always worn their scars on the outside: a half-torn coat of arms you can trace like veins throughout their work, from title to credits (and not forgetting, early EP covers.) There’s no pivotal moment in the band’s timeline where the theme song suddenly bellows and a quickfire montage turns cotton into kevlar. No, instead, the beauty and fascination has always been with vocalist Andrea Kerr’s ability to wear her vulnerability like an x-ray, as she visibly picks at every loose joint and stitch with a fighting kick of her feet. Like a horse unafraid of the fall. Meanwhile, in amidst even the most barbed synths, Jared Hawkes could always carve out a space in the dark for us to safely catch a breath and untangle.”


I have to agree that vocalist Andrea Kerr not only has a phenomenal haunting voice but the song Menace has smart lyrics to match her almost ethereal voice.

L.E.D. Review
L.E.D. Review

The duo harken almost an instant connection for me to the 90s and 2000s horror scene where you needed ambiance set. It is like an earwig in the way their songs flow and curl up for a bit in your mind.

They remind me a lot of The Engine Room, Crystal Method, something in that vein. They are very unique in their style though creating their
own world.

Andrea Kerr from L.E.D.
Andrea Kerr from L.E.D.

They are definitely a group to look out for this year and to keep an eye on their social media outlets to see when new tracks will be coming out!

Social Media links below and later this year we will be taking a look at some of their new songs that are set to hit later this year!


For now though enjoy this taste of their melodic charms and I thank them so so much for giving us this great chance to not only partake but help spread the word! Thank you Andrea Kerr and Jared Hawkes!

Kendra Hale

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