Blood Donation Bags

Vampires Donating Blood

Blood: the red liquid that circulates in the arteries and veins of humans and other vertebrate animals, carrying oxygen to and carbon dioxide from the tissues of the body. It is also Life.

Red Cross Call

According to the American Red Cross, approximately thirty-two thousand pints of blood are used each day in the United States. One pint can save up to three lives.

With a shelf life of just forty-two days, blood is always in demand. The Red Cross counts for about forty percent of the nation’s blood donations.

Shockingly only about three percent of those eligible to donate does it. According to the Red Cross’ website, there is a shortage. Donors all around the world roll up their sleeves to help meet this need. However, for the first time in Endless Night history, vampires organized and heard the call.

Donation Blood Bags
Donation Blood Bags

This past weekend, April 19th and 20th were Vampiricon in Las Vegas Nevada Endless Night vampires, and Vampiricon goers united to support the American Red Cross. Vampires packed the Artisan Hotel for a weekend’s worth of parties, music, and mayhem.

In addition to letting loose, vampires from all over the world came together for a good cause. Endless Night impresario, Father Sebastiaan was on site and posted a live feed of his donation on his Facebook page encouraging others to join the fight.

Father Sebastiaan
Father Sebastiaan

I did reach out to Father Sebastiaan for final counts and to see if Endless Night would be hosting another blood drive in the future, but unfortunately, he was not available for comment.

Not Just About Blood

I see this more and more and more. Modern vampires are stepping out into the communities they call home and taking up causes that matter to them. Whether it is a blood drive, bullying or taking on gang violence. Vampires generally follow a code, that with much powers responsibilities
are greater.

Blood Stain
Blood Stain

However, the Mayor of New York City in 1892 used that same philosophy. Today’s vampire community is putting that way of thinking into action with events like Endless Night’s blood drive.

The Gothic Picnic in Baltimore hosted by The Vampire Court of Baltimore and The Vampire Court of Dallas is taking on Human trafficking with NTCAHT in September.

Endless Night Vampire Ball
Endless Night Vampire Ball

These are just a few of the events posted on Facebook feeds that I noticed when I go online to check what is happening.

Do Not Be A Vigilante

Naturally, I’ll add my disclaimer because I want to make sure people understand I am not encouraging vigilantism. If you witness a crime, please call 911 or your country’s emergency responders.

Artemis Dai

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