Lorraine Warren

The Loss of Lorraine Warren

‘”Free will” is one of the most precious gifts we have. To give it over to peer-pressure, psychics, or a dependency on drugs and alcohol is dangerous and an incredible waste.” — Lorraine Warren

The Loss Within The Paranormal Research Community

An important loss hit the paranormal community yesterday as the legendary paranormal investigator/demonologist Lorraine Warren passed away.

The Warrens
The Warrens

According to her son she passed peacefully in her sleep but the mark that she and her husband Edward Warren left on the world will certainly live on for generations to come.

Whether you know her from the cases that she and her husband worked on to help those who needed them most notably, Amityville. You may have met her years later on the show, Paranormal State; she came on several times to help with cases.

Amityville House Case
Amityville House Case

Many will know her from The Conjuring movie series, these films documented parts of the files that she and Ed had worked on over the years. However you may have been introduced to her, she was a force to be sure.

Her Life

Lorraine Moran was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut on January 31, 1927.  Meeting her husband Ed while he worked as a movie usher, it is noted that she knew he would be the one she would marry.

Fast forward and consider that in their time of being investigators, I would even say authorities in the paranormal; they have helped and worked over 3000 cases. They devoted their lives to not only helping people but doing so by stepping outside of a box that most on at best on the fence about.

Lorraine Warren for The Conjuring
Lorraine Warren for The Conjuring

With the movies being made from Amityville Horror to The Conjuring series, we have learned a bit more about their cases and their home life. There was so much more to these two than meets the eyes, they had a family together, there was such love between the two of them.

I remember when watching the first movie and reading about how much input Lorraine had in it, how it showcased not only her and what it must be like to have the insights through the veil that she did, but also just how much love there was between her and Ed, trust.  Her graceful and calming soul could be seen when she did live investigations on Paranormal State.

Lorraine Warren for The Conjuring
Lorraine Warren for The Conjuring

Granted there is still a stigma surrounding the show due to decisions made by Ryan Buell but it never, for me at least distracted me from watching for her. She has always struck me as graceful and that there really was something in that twinkle of her eyes that said she knew things that others did not because their eyes were closed.

Her Cases

They brought to front and center a world that was beyond the here and now. Between the Amityville and Enfield cases which were far more well-known, they also did lectures showcasing their documented evidence.

Some of these pieces of evidence are still to this day some of the best examples that the paranormal does exist.

The Enfield Case
The Enfield Case

They had in their home a museum of the occult objects, some of which are quite well known and not to be disturbed. The movie Annabelle, of which the final part of her tale is coming this summer titled Annabelle Comes Home, features one such object.

The Warrens and Annabelle
The Warrens and Annabelle

While in the movie she is a bit different, the real life Annabelle is a possessed Raggedy Ann doll that Ed and Lorraine have considered one of the more dangerous artifacts in the museum they have. They have gone so far as to keep the doll securely in a glass case warding off any interaction aside from blessings from a priest.

We Are With You

We here at Gothic Bite Magazine wish their family our condolences in this time and hope that they have peace.

The Warrens
The Warrens

Lorraine passed at the age of 92 and between her and Edward, who passed in 2006, had a lifetime that touched so many lives. The paranormal community owes a great debt to these two legendary investigators. May they be together again.

~ The Phantom ~
Kendra Hale

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    1. Agreed. I think we all have to believe in someone or something, so silly to disregard or disbelieve because of a closed mind.

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    1. She really did, I always found her a comforting and graceful presence. She will be missed. 💜


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