Pre-Order Ancient Blood by Dora Esquivel

Dora Esquivel is not only a writer for Gothic Bite Magazine. She’s a prolific author with many stories to tell and one of them brings out the Vampire in her! Come see what you want to pre-order!

Who is Dora Esquivel?

Been on my own since I was sixteen. I’m a born rebel! I grew up on the border of Texas and Mexico. Had many adventures in the AirForce and traveled the world, but I always kept writing.

I have a bunch of journals with full stories that need to be written. I am at a point in my life where I can dedicate myself to my passion writing!

Dora Esquivel
Dora Esquivel

The writing Gods won’t leave me alone! When I’m not writing, I enjoy reading, listening to old 80’s music, exercising, taking care of my family, two sons, hubby, mother, and two dogs! Busy full life. 

My stories are dark, horror-filled, with a mix of tantalizing erotica and gritty sex. I have a wild imagination. I prefer my paranormal beings ruthless and cunning. 

As I start my writing adventure, I hope you will join me and enjoy reading my books!  Any questions, please contact me I would love to hear from you!

Ancient Bond: Masters and Servants
Available on Amazon Kindle for $0.99

Ancient Bond Summary

Sometimes you need to fall on your knees to rise.

Centuries ago Lucien’s family and pack were slaughtered and betrayed by family. Lucien was then enslaved for five hundred years by the demon who killed his succubus mother.

One thousand years later his powers as Alpha and Incubus are growing. He is now ready to take his rightful place as Alpha Supreme, but first, he must claim a reluctant mate and escape from under the heel of his possessive Vampire master Sargon.

Ancient Bond - Masters and Servants Book #1 by Dora Esquivel
Ancient Bond – Masters and Servants Book #1 by Dora Esquivel

Lucien is a hybrid shifter in a world where being unpure is not tolerated. Lucien should have never been born. Enter a dark and savage paranormal world, where being weak is stamped out and exploited. Being dominant and unapologetic is key to survival.

Follow Lucien as he seeks vengeance against the uncle that betrayed him and the demon who enslaved him and murdered his mom. Where secrets, allies with hidden agendas, and political jousting determine the fates of many.

A dark, sensual, and paranormal fantasy series by new author Dora Esquivel.

Ancient Blood: Masters and Servants
Available April 30th, 2019 on Kindle!


Ancient Blood Summary

A vampire/incubus hybrid and his fated human mate are banished from each other for a year. It’s time for the joyous reunion. What could possibly go wrong?

A year ago, in a fit of lust and need, Lucien claimed his mate, a human called Gabriel. Gabriel tried to resist but Lucien easily overpowered him.

Lucien’s master, Sargon, was not pleased with his spontaneity and decreed the two must be apart for one year…and, just for spite, that Gabriel would not be able to ejaculate until he saw Lucien again.

For 1000-year-old vampire/incubus hybrid, Lucien, a year should not feel like an eternity. Oh, but it does. He spends his time studying vampire law with his master, Sargon, and plotting his revenge on those who killed his mother and enslaved him for 500 years.

As the last heir of the Lutair clan, it’s almost time for Lucien to claim his rightful place. All he needs is Sargon to release his powers and his mate to be at his side.

Gabriel awoke naked, alone, and thoroughly sated after his night with Lucien but with no memories of anything that had happened. Over the next year, he became stronger, faster, and he healed at an unbelievable speed.

Sought after by men and women seeking his attention and his cock, Gabriel was happy to oblige, even when he knew he shouldn’t. Gabriel fed off the pheromones, attraction, and raw sex and yet he could never be satisfied. He could not come. Ever. It was driving him mad. 

When Lucien and Gabriel meet again, Gabriel’s memory returns and with it his refusal to bow to Lucien’s demands. He wants nothing to do with that world. He is done with the blood and violence, but Lucien needs him and won’t give up without a fight.

Still drawn to Lucien, Gabriel must decide if he will submit to his feelings for Lucien and stand with him as he goes to war for his throne. And Lucien may discover that embracing his love for Gabriel may be the secret to his true strength and power.


This is a Dark Paranormal series. This continuation contains strong adult content not meant for sensitive people: It contains violence, gore, and disturbing themes. It is NOT intended for all audiences; reader discretion is heavily advised.

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