Choosing Your Fangs

If you see a mouth with fangs, what comes first to mind? Vampire. That’s what differentiate humans from the image of the powerful entity a vampire is, but no longer. You too, can have fangs now.

Halloween Prop

If you’ve ever seen a modern-day vampire, you know that they come in many different shapes and sizes. Gone are the days of the slicked-back hair, capes and elongated fangs. Vampires don’t hide in the shadows these days.

Many make it a point to stand out in a crowd. Not afraid of the onlookers or the public eye. The subculture of modern vampirism is flush with new blood and new ideas. Amongst those new ideas are fangs.

Ok, so fangs aren’t that new of an idea. I mean Dracula had fangs so what the big deal is and so new about fangs? It used to be that if a vampire wanted fangs, they had to go to a Halloween shop and buy plastic ones.

They used dental putty and pushed the caps over their teeth. They worked most of the time and for a few hours at least. It was one size fits all but that was rarely the case.

They cut into the gums; in some cases, they were painful to wear. There were a few reported cases of people gluing their plastic fangs in place and needed emergency surgery to get them out. Also, one or two incidences of “vampire attacks.”

Fangs, Did You Say Fangs?

Seeing an opportunity, and the market, a few dental technicians, who were rumored to be—well a little different themselves, took to creating custom fangs.

Moreover, roughly 30 years ago, fangsmithing was born. Today, visiting a fangsmith is relatively common for fledgling vampires, and there are several names to consider such as Dnash, Kaos Kustom Fangs and of course Father Sebastiaan himself. Dnash makes fangs for werewolves and other preternatural creatures as well.

Vampire fangs come in all shapes and sizes, and a fangsmith can help a young vampire decide what works best for them.

FangSmith Australia
Visit FangSmith Australia!

Fangsmiths often offer multiple different styles of fangs for both the upper and lower jaws. Allowing the vampire to express the monster they are most akin to physically.

Some prefer the traditional single fanged look while others related to the double fangs featured in the movie Lost Boys. To each his or her own. Fangs are created using a mold of a person’s teeth and are often stained to match the vampire’s real teeth.

No need to point out, these are not real teeth. These fangs are temporary, high-quality dental acrylic and generally can last a few years with
proper care.

Ready To Be A Vampire?

Now that also means they’re not for breaking the skin. Sorry. However, in recent months fangsmiths have begun to test the waters of making
fangs permanent!

The process itself is an expensive procedure that requires a visit to the dentist office with a professional dentist. The cost of permanent fangs is between two and five thousand dollars.

Researching the process online I found some odd variances in the procedure, so I didn’t want to write about any one particular process.

Canines or Fangs?

We’ve gone from plastic toys at Halloween to permanent dental surgery in just thirty short years.

Will permanents become commonplace in the vampire community? Many say fangs aren’t a necessity to be a vampire.

Others, however, are sinking their fangs right in and dishing out the dough for temporaries or permanents. Would you?

Artemis Dai

3 thoughts on “Choosing Your Fangs

  1. I’ve wanted a pair of canine fangs forever and some cool contacts too!!! I remember I asked my mom when I was around 13 for fangs, she looked at me and said…. What did I do wrong with you lol. I told her,you let me watch vampire movies since I was little!!!💋💖


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