Ghost Makeup by Kendra Hale on Gabby Blobette

The Ghost Makeup

The Monster of the Month for February was a ghost. Typically when you think of ghost the first place the mind goes is sad or scary. For me, the first place my mind goes to currently is to that of Haunting of Hill House and my favorite character of Nell.

The Inspiration

If you haven’t gotten a chance to watch the series of Haunting of Hill House, in my opinion, it is one of the best horror/drama series currently out there. I loved the movie, but the show came forward with a different take and a different story while paying homage.

Ghost Makeup by Kendra Hale on Gabby Blobette
Ghost Makeup by Kendra Hale on Gabby Blobette

Nell’s story is heart-wrenching and honestly feels real when they examine her life and how she connects to her brothers and sisters. She is the glue that holds them together, and she was always so haunting to me. She is a character you just cannot forget nor once you have watched the whole of the show do you really want to.

The Palette & Blobette

My Blobette and I decided this month to do my muse and her justice. I used the Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean palette along with one of their lipsticks to create a look that I see when I hear a ghost.

I honestly think of the more human and more recognizable when I think of spirits. We mixed together our muses, and when I got the makeup portion done, she shone like a star and smoothly transitioned into her version of what she sees when she thinks of the word ghost.

Ghost Makeup by Kendra Hale on Gabby Blobette
Ghost Makeup by Kendra Hale on Gabby Blobette

I genuinely hope you enjoy my photos and makeup and Blobette’s character she brought along with props, we had an absolute blast doing them.

This was the most comfortable and most fun we have had with a Monster of the Month so far, but with so many lefts to play with who knows? Thank you for stopping by and please leave your comments or any questions below!

Kendra Hale

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