Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Happy Birthday Gothic Bite Magazine!

Gothic Bite Magazine went online last year in March of 2018. There is no exact date as it took us some time to adjust and time to figure things out. We changed the platform, make changes, quite a rocky road!

The Monster That Started It All

There is no secret here, I’m a Louisiana lover, and aside from vampires, I am crazy curious about the Swamp Monster. For that reason, I wanted to launch Gothic Bite Magazine on a monster I admired: the Swamp Monster!

All you need is a swamp, and we all know that Louisiana is not short of wetlands. Those creatures prefer the shadows and cover of nature where water is surrounding their territories.

Photo by Kostas Tapakarakis on Unsplash
Photo by Kostas Tapakarakis on Unsplash

People are usually after Bigfoot and its entire family. I was after what seemed even more creepy. We are talking about a creature born from the swamps walking its way through the wilderness trying to hide from people on their fan boats.

Remember The X-Files?

I don’t know if any of you used to watch The X-Files, but there were a few episodes that kept me wondering about the craziness this planet holds without our knowledge or only a few are aware.

I remember that particular episode that only aired once. All happened in one house, secluded from the town to one family. Many of those people looked different from others, deformed, disabled and beneath the bed, hidden… yes, now you remember!

Louisiana - New Orleans
Louisiana – New Orleans

Why am I mentioning this specific episode of The X-Files? Because the folklore surrounding the Swamp Monster, back in the day, had its origin story. We’re talking back when it was La Nouvelle-Orléans.

People said that those considered outcasts mostly little people and albinos, moved to an isolated town down a forest path and lived there. Through generations of inbreeding, created the Grunch creature, now known as the Swamp Monster.

GBM Birthday

It is an adventure to create something you love. It has its ups and downs. It has lovely pride and a few tears. After a year of setting up this webzine and print, I can happily say that we made it! One Year Old.

Thank you to Kendra my #1, The James, Edward, Artemis, Dora, L.A., Temple, Paul, Nanye and wonderful authors that passed by, bloggers like Kat Valentine and artists, musicians and advertisers! Without Y’all, it wouldn’t be possible to make this a reality!

So, here’s to this year and many more to come!
The OCD Vampire,
Arielle Lyon

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