Evil Encounters

Evil Encounters

Ghosts aren’t the only ones crawling their way into our monitors anymore. We know that werewolves are coming if we listen to some testimonies from Terror In The Woods and even Paranormal Witness. Now, another creature is creep its way into our lives…


From innocent travelers to the woods who find themselves in a frightening clash with forces not of this world, to determined investigators who deliberately seek out mysterious beings that dwell in the hinterlands.

Evil Encounters
Evil Encounters

Evil Encounters delivers heart-stopping, terrifying tales of people out in nature who find themselves in the wrong place, at the wrong time, in places far from civilization where no one can hear you scream.

In The Forest

The episode starts with a man, Seth, his wife and nephew who invited their friend, John to tag along for a weekend in the woods for camping. John got along with Owen, his friend’s nephew and since he was in the military, he taught him how to build a fire in the middle of nowhere except they are running out of wood.

The friends realized they went off trail and deeper in the woods then they usually would. John wasn’t familiar with the forest and ran after Owen when he decided to get the wood needed to build a better fire. No matter how much he screamed, Owen would not respond and disappeared over the hill.

Not Welcome

In most cases, ghosts or Bigfoot, preys or predators, we are all born with territorial instincts and what Owen saw was no different. I believe, along with many parapsychologists, that paranormal creatures prefer the comfort of the woodlands and go as far away as possible from civilization to preserve their species and overcome extinction.

Evil Encounters
Evil Encounters

What was a camping weekend turned to a nightmare because those friends stepped into the territory of the one creature not many would be pleased to meet or confess to being right: VAMPIRE.

Not Real

Legends, myths, fire camp stories, old belief, impossible and not real: Those are all terms used when referring to the word vampire. However, now and after testimonies of werewolves’ encounters, vampires are surfacing. The thing is, no one benefits from lying about a vampire encounter.

Evil Encounters
Evil Encounters

Evil Encounters is a paranormal show that according to my findings is “real.” Why the quotations? Because it is only as real as the one remembering the encounter. The reenactment is only there to provide imagery of the memory and embellish the story, but what the person recollects is real to them.


Unlike other episodes and encounters from the series, the State remained secret. As far as I know, the place could even be in Canada as it often shares Canadian encounters as well. Why keep it a secret? I guess that many people would try to find the forest and the vampire.

Unless you are a paranormal researcher, do not seek out creatures you do not understand. They are hiding for a reason. They do not wish to be part of our world. Vampires, if real, are dangerous and ferocious.

Evil Encounters
Evil Encounters

Those are not Eric Northman or Bill Compton, despite Eric’s beauty I wouldn’t wish to meet him when hungry! Do not look for vampires. One would only find trouble.

Just watch Evil Encounters; it’s enough!
The OCD Vampire,
Alexa Wayne

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