Gabby - Makeup by Kendra Hale

Playing Around! Candy Skull Makeup

One of the things I have always loved about makeup is that there are so many ways to use it. Imagine in your head something that you wish to bring forward and try.

In my case I have a daughter who allows me to try new things; new techniques and she take what I do and tries to imagine herself as what I have created.

I cherish this bond with her, and for this one, I had taken advantage of last year’s Halloween clearance and bought a skeleton kit.

I have been watching The Book Of Life and Coco a lot like the stories not only intrigue me, but they are movies we love to watch together. I have seen so many versions of candy skulls, and for this makeup, I wanted to bring some color.

My daughter loved it, and honestly, I was even surprised how it turned out, benefits of looking for the light I guess. Sometimes you get lucky. I do hope you guys get as much enjoyment out of these as we do, it makes our day each time we get to test ourselves and try out something new.

For March we have a pretty fun surprise with our Monster of the Month, not only that but this month marks the 1st anniversary of Gothic Bite Magazine itself, and I am honored to have been here from the start with Alexa and the rest of our Ghoul Family. Here is to many more adventures!

Kendra Hale

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