The Gothic Grimoire Is Out!

Gothic Bite Magazine is proud to announce its third anthology: The Gothic Grimoire is now available on AMAZON! Go grab your ebook or paperback while it’s still hot!


*** 18+ MATURE CONTENT ***

A tantalizing peek into the alluring realm of the darkly paranormal.
One collection. Nine novels.

Step into the shadows and discover the obscure worlds where Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance and Horror exist under cover of darkness. From a flip of the dark pages of an old grimoire to the mysterious inking on a sexy stranger, a seductive spell cast on a whim, shadowy readings of mysterious runes, THE GOTHIC GRIMOIRE delivers enigmatic tales of the other realms. 

The Gothic Grimoire Anthology presented by Gothic Bite Magazine
The Gothic Grimoire Anthology presented by Gothic Bite Magazine

The Gothic Grimoire offers nine unique novels that take you into the black and arcane side of fantasy. Including stories from: Aida Jacobs, Kendra Hale, Kish Knight, Vanessa Ross, Arielle Lyon previously known as Alexa Wayne, Winter Lawrence, L.A. Maciel, K.Z. Riley and Dora Esquivel.

How About A Book Trailer?

So Many Stories

Many authors came together to make this collection possible and available to all of you wonderful readers! We hope you enjoy the read and open The Gothic Grimoire if you dare!

Until the next bite!

Gothic Bite Magazine

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