Watch The Dead Files on Travel Channel

Dead Files

An investigative series that pairs Steve DiSchiavi, a retired Homicide Detective with the New York City Police Department with more than twenty-one years of active service with psychic communicator Amy Allan who has an established sixth sense and an affinity for channeling the dead. The partners explore each case on their own and then link up at the end to compare notes. — IMDB

The Introduction

“Amy: My name is Amy Allan. I see dead people. I speak to dead people. They speak to me. However, there’s only one way to know if my findings are real. I rely on my partner.
Steve: I’m Steve DiSchiavi. I’m a retired New York City homicide detective. Also, I know every person, every house, has secrets. It’s my job to reveal them.

Watch The Dead Files on Travel Channel
Watch The Dead Files on Travel Channel

Amy: But Steve and I never speak.
Steve: We never communicate during an investigation.
Amy: Until the very end.
Steve: Then we uncover whether it’s safe for you to stay…
Amy: … Or time to get out.”

The Beginning

This dialog above depicts how the Travel Channel paranormal investigation show, The Dead Files, starts. The first episode aired in September of 2011 and is on its eleventh season.

What makes The Dead Files different than most paranormal shows it that they aren’t threatening the ghost–like a specific famous paranormal investigation show that we all know–but they set it up like an actual crime show; kind of like the show, The First 48, except for with ghosts.

How It Goes

The setup kind goes like this: we get introduced to the place and family victim of hauntings, when that is all said and done we see “Amy’s Arrival”–which is always at night—, and then the show goes back and forth between Steve’s investigation, and Amy’s ghost experiences.

The Reveal, however, is when they come together and share their stories. Rarely, if ever, will Amy tell people that they need to leave the house or property. Moreover, her advice on how to handle the ghosts is one of two exciting things about the whole show.

Watch The Dead Files on Travel Channel
Watch The Dead Files on Travel Channel

She always talks about other religions and faiths, like Native American shamanism, Catholicism, Wicca, this is to name a few. She goes into extreme detail on what the people need to do to protect themselves and their property, which isn’t common in most paranormal shows.

Open-Minded Skeptic

I like to think of myself as an open-minded skeptic, which is funny because I’m a pantheistic pagan! However, there is one thing I appreciate about this show, and that’s the fact that they have Steve DiSchiavi.

DiSchiavi is a retired NYPD homicide detective, and now a co-host for a paranormal show. I’m a history lover, and I studied journalism for three years, so watching him research and investigate the town and the house, is the second exciting thing about The Dead Files. It gives a depth to the show and reminds you that everything has a history waiting to unravel.

Watch The Dead Files on Travel Channel
Watch The Dead Files on Travel Channel

So, if you like the crime show set up and the paranormal, maybe give it a chance. If anything, it’s entertaining and might catch your interest in researching the unknown!

The Dead Files airs on Thursdays on the Travel Channel.

L.A. Maciel

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