Terror in the Woods on Destination America

Terror in the Woods

There are not only ghosts lurking in the darkness, but there are also strange presences we can’t explain wandering around in bright daylight. Terror in the Woods shares the stories of strangers and their encounters.

Destination America Summary

A desire to discover the great outdoors turns into anything but great for the people profiled in this docudrama. From gator hunting in Louisiana’s bayou and ice fishing in Illinois to deer hunts in Montana, the stories reveal actual wilderness adventures cut short by shocking encounters with ghosts, monsters, or other unexplained phenomena.

Terror in the Woods on Destination America
Terror in the Woods on Destination America

Interviews with those involved combine with cinematic re-enactments to bring to life the experiences of hunters becoming the hunted. Do they panic and make a run for it, or do they hide inside a cabin and hope for the best?

Overall View

I started watching paranormal series and documentaries when I was barely and “technically” allowed. I think my first one was A Haunting and I was eleven. Right off the bat, I was a fan. So, I grew up on A Haunting, Most Haunted — read the complete review! and Ghost Hunters — read the complete review! My passion for the paranormal only grew stronger with the years.

However, I’ve always wondered if there was something more than just ghosts. I mean, the paranormal encompasses other legends too. So, I watched Paranormal Witness, which had some episodes speaking without saying the word, werewolf once or twice.

Terror in the Woods on Destination America
Terror in the Woods on Destination America

Then, Terror in the Woods aired, and there are other presences out there that now has me hooked to my television when it plays. It isn’t your regular ghost show. It’s now a team going out and investigating, no, Terror in the Woods is about eyewitnesses that you see are uneasy as they share their encounters with the wild.

The show might be reminiscent of Paranormal Witness, but it has an edge because it’s about the outdoors and doesn’t focus on ghosts. It has to be something more, and Bigfoot isn’t the only one out there I can assure you, witches and demons step aside… Terror in the Woods is coming with encounters you wouldn’t believe.

Be Careful

After the revelation that Paranormal State was a staged documentary series, many investigations from viewers happened on account of other shows in the same genre. Aside from Paranormal State — read the complete review!, what I have discovered from research is that Ghost Hunters did not share the reputation of its rival, only that people from the team confessed never seeing ghosts with their own eyes.

When it comes to Terror in the Woods, much like A Haunting, re-enactment aside there for entertainment purposes and for viewers to visualize the story better, the people on the show aren’t actors. They are everyday people sharing their stories. As far as I can tell and according to my research, the stories are the encounters from the people interviewed.

Terror in the Woods on Destination America
Terror in the Woods on Destination America

Is the encounter exaggerated? Who’s to say since memory proves to be an unpredictable thing. However, it is real to the people telling the story and viewers can tell from their eyes filled with moisture.

Ghosts, pfff!

Terror in the Woods brings out the most nightmarish adventures from people who lived through a horrifying accidental or sometimes provoked encounter! What I love about this show is that it shows me that in this grey life we are living in, there is a presence out there that makes legends come to life.

Would you believe me if I told you that werewolves might be real? There are more people from Terror in the Woods that slowly come out of the shadow to share their meetings with one or more of them. Like wolves, werewolves move in clans.

Terror in the Woods on Destination America
Terror in the Woods on Destination America

Black magic witchery covens calling upon evil in the middle of the woods are part of the show as well. Witches were always present, but now more than ever, they are making a real come back according to people from Terror in the Woods. You don’t want to cross them.

There even was one episode where a father and his son, accompanied by a friend goes chasing Bigfoot. Except they realize the creature doesn’t walk alone and are quite territorial. Bigfoot’s legends might be around, but this story is quite unnerving.

We’re Not Alone

I’ve never believed that the human race was alone in the universe. I don’t even think we’re alone on Earth. We are an egotistical race that believes “we’re all that” when we aren’t. Terror in the Woods is a doorway to have maybe its viewers opening their minds to new possibilities and viewpoints.

Terror in the Woods on Destination America
Terror in the Woods on Destination America

Whether you think about giving the show a try or not, I’d say do it, and you won’t regret it. It’s more different than anyone knows.

The OCD Vampire,
Alexa Wayne

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