The Gothic Grimoire Anthology

Gothic Bite Magazine is proud to present our third anthology to our amazing followers and wonderful readers!

The Gothic Grimoire Anthology is all about the darkest the paranormal can offer from immortals to hauntings, and a grimoire ties all.

The Making of a Grimoire

When seeing many anthologies, four authors thought maybe we could come up with something different, and we all decided to lend on a grimoire mixed with as much darkness as we could and a little dash of what makes each of us so unique in our writing. Some of us have stories tied to our on-going series while others started their set, and this is the introduction to their universe.

This paranormal anthology took months to make come true and wonderful authors to fill each page. We are looking at the first volume of a series that will take place each year with different authors and different stories, but always with that one item: Grimoire.

The Summary

A tantalizing peek into the alluring realm of the darkly paranormal.
One collection. Nine novels.

The Gothic Grimoire Anthology presented by Gothic Bite Magazine
The Gothic Grimoire Anthology presented by Gothic Bite Magazine

Step into the shadows and discover the obscure worlds where Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance and Horror exist under the cover of darkness. From a flip of the dark pages of an old grimoire to the mysterious inking on a mysterious stranger, a seductive spell cast on a whim, shadowy readings of mystical runes, The Gothic Grimoire delivers enigmatic tales of the other realms.

The Gothic Grimoire offers nine unique novels that take you into the black and arcane side of fantasy.

Including stories from: Aida Jacobs, Kendra Hale, Kish Knight, Vanessa Ross, Arielle Lyon, Winter Lawrence, L.A. Maciel, K.Z. Riley and Dora Esquivel.

Darkest Dealing
by Aida Jacobs

The dark elven realm of Umbra is home to many dangerous creatures…
And Nahga is the most vicious of them all.

The youngest daughter of Queen Fi’endwren, Nahga was born with the rare and dark gift of necromancy. Yet, despite her gifts, she was sequestered away into a life of servitude in the temple of Umbryelle, Goddess of shadow and death. However, Nahga had much higher aspirations in mind, and she would not stop until she achieved them…every, single one…

Darkest Dealings by Aida Jacobs
Darkest Dealings by Aida Jacobs

No matter how much blood she had to spill in the process.

Of Sky & Stars
by Kendra Hale

The Daughters of Starlight are among one of the most revered Mystic families. Evelyn Merchant is the only daughter of the last family that holds the linage of the Starlight clan. She was just seven when her parents were killed and three guardians come to her rescue. The thing about the Starlight clan is each of the girls are marked when they come into their power.

Kendra Hale Author Picture
Kendra Hale Author Picture

They are ruled by the season that calls to them. When her markings become clear and her powers start to manifest, can her guardians Thaniel, Ferox and Tobias keep her safe?

The real question seems to be that fifteen later when the fears are all but gone that the Starlight Grimoire, a book full of memories and history, will be stolen… can the guys keep themselves safe when a feisty mystic catches them all in her sights? This is the first few chapters of the soon to be revealed book Of the Sky and Stars, a story of magic and chaotic romance.

The Daughters of Starlight are among one of the most revered Mystic families. Evelyn Merchant is the only daughter of the last family that holds the linage of the Starlight clan. She was just seven when her parents were killed and three guardians come to her rescue.

Of The Sky And Stars - Daughters of Starlight Series by Kendra Hale
Of The Sky And Stars – Daughters of Starlight Series by Kendra Hale

Ruled by the season that claims them, each daughter of Starlight is given the Starlight Grimoire when they are ready. When she turns 23 and all seems safe in the world, are the men who gave all to keep her safe going to be able to keep themselves safe from her?

Born of Nether and Divine
by Kish Knight

An Everwitch is born when an angel and a demon die on the same day. When all goes as it should, their life energy passes through the ley between the mortal world and the ether.

Kish Knight Author Picture
Kish Knight Author Picture

But… if a human is caught in the crosshairs of that ley, he or she is consumed by that energy and thus becomes Eternal… a danger to both celestial and netherworld beings…

Born of Nether and Divine - Everwitch by Kish Knight
Born of Nether and Divine – Everwitch by Kish Knight

From the complete novel EverWitch

Creating Voodoo by Vanessa Ross

Emma, escaping the warriors, finding Robert dead realizes she is pregnant and all alone begins a journey of discovery, who and what she is carrying and to rejoin the Anti-Warriors.  First stop New Orleans, where she discovers the type of child she is carrying but is also a host to two powerful gods.

Krampus knows nothing of his past and through Emma discovers more and is now out for revenge.

Antique Camera
Antique Camera

Oshun, Voodoo goddess of love, does everything in her power to save an innocent child’s life. By telling her beloved Warrior god she will always love him before making her final move in the protection of the innocent.

Creating Voodoo - Anti-Warriors: Emma by Vanessa Ross
Creating Voodoo – Anti-Warriors: Emma by Vanessa Ross

Ogun, Voodoo Warrior god, who is possessing a Voodoo priestess, sticks around to protect his beloved princess Oshun by keeping the host body safe.

Following the twists and turns of Emma’s journey will have you hating and anticipating what will happen next.

Château De La Dauphine Bourbon
by Arielle Lyon aka Alexa Wayne

When people working for the Gothic Bite Magazine go on a haunt to find the truth up in a ghost town, all are at the mercy of what they write about: monsters.

Arielle Lyon previously known as Alexa Wayne Author Picture

Clémentine, owner of a nightwolf goes far north pass the French town of Mont La Bellerose along with her friend, Callie, and Edward before they befriend a waitress with a strong personality, Shawna who knows all about the creatures lurking from dusk until dawn.

Château De La Dauphine Bourbon - Nightfall Series by A. Wayne
Château De La Dauphine Bourbon – Nightfall Series by A. Wayne

When wanting the truth about the strange abandoned mansion known as the Château De La Dauphine Bourbon, they find themselves revealing their true nature and wondering about the vampires and the new world they stumbled upon not indeed by accident, but it is more than they bargained for when called, the Grimoire.

No Good Deed
by Winter Lawrence

Abby likes to think of herself as a good person. She volunteers and tries to help as many people as she can.

Winter Lawrence Author Picture
Winter Lawrence Author Picture

She’s even dedicated herself to trying to convert a spoiled brat into a philanthropist—a feat that seems impossible, yet as fate continues to intertwine her life with Elizabeth’s,

No Good Deed by Winter Lawrence
No Good Deed by Winter Lawrence

Abby realizes that there’s a reason she keeps coming across this girl—and that her very life depends on making sure that Elizabeth becomes a good person.

The Exorcist’s Apprentice
by L.A. Maciel

“I never really thought about how I was going to die. I mean, no one really does, but that’s besides the point.”

L.A. Maciel Author Picture
L.A. Maciel Author Picture

After dying in a car accident and being brought back to life, Vida Braganza starts to see things she thought she’d never see again. Having to face her past, and fight the fear that holds her down. Vida goes up against a foe that she wished was just a figment of her imagination.

The Exorcist's Apprentice - Town of Pottersfield Prequel by L.A. Maciel
The Exorcist’s Apprentice – Town of Pottersfield Prequel by L.A. Maciel

With the help from a family friend, Father Mulcahy, she faces off against a childhood creature that haunted her childhood. Learning more about herself than she ever thought she would. She bravely steps up to the challenge.

Demon She Knows
by K.Z. Riley

Zyla knew the life she was dealt.

K.Z. Riley Author Picture
K.Z. Riley Author Picture

Blinded by uncaring and vicious parents, she lived her life to the fullest without her sight.

All the goodness though is nearly taken away when her classmates decide to take actions into their own hands, beating her within an inch of her life in the living room of her apartment.

Demon She Knows by K.Z. Riley
Demon She Knows by K.Z. Riley

By some miracle, if you want to call it that, the blanket she bled out on contained a summoning circle to a particular demon-Lox.

by Dora Esquivel

High stakes game of survival. Only one class will rule. 

Virus has destroyed the world as we know it. Once glorious, the United States is now barren.

The year is 2099. Most of the US is covered in vast deserts, where people try to make out a meek existence, disease is rampant. Many settlements fail either by sickness or roaming marauders. The desert is unforgiving where nomads and outlaws rule and set the law.

Dora Esquivel
Dora Esquivel

Armed with medicine and learning, nomad healer Corin Mestos is heading out to Sanctuary City one, of the six cities that outline the vast Mica river. Rumor has it the city provides people with free medicine, food, and shelter, but Corin’s reasons for going are for self-discovery.

He has an ancient grimoire his mother gave him, and he needs answers to the meaning of the tattoo on his back. He hopes to find the answers in Sanctuary City. His mom warned him about the dangerous of city life and the ruling class.

Sanctuary by Dora Esquivel
Sanctuary by Dora Esquivel

Nastas Church is a marauder, he’s been on his own since he was ten years old. He once lived in Church City, the seventh most powerful and richest metropolis.

A raging fire destroyed his city, killing his parents and siblings, and wiping out the elitist life he had once lived. Now twenty-three, he stares death in the eyes as he is strung up and left to die by the desert sun. Nastas has his own reasons to avoid Sanctuary City, as the last aristocratic ruler of Church City, he would be killed if any of the ruling families discovered who he was.

Join Corin, Nastas, and Dog, as they try to survive desert life and reach Sanctuary City. Will Corin ever control his powers? Will Nastas remain Corin’s claim, as dictated by desert law; you find it; you own it. Will Dog ever listen to Corin? Can Corin and Nastas avoid and defeat the controlling elites and restore prosperity to the desert?

The Launch

On Tuesday, March 5th, 2019 the release of The Gothic Grimoire Anthology will hit Amazon in both eBook and Paperback format. Mark your calendars because soon the world of the darkest paranormal stories is coming your way!

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