Living with the Dead

We’re in the Ghost month here at Gothic Bite Magazine and so I dug up a very interesting ghost story for you!

Hauntings Are My Thing

You know hauntings are my thing. I love a good ghost story. Back in October I hung out with the local paranormal team Paranormal Travelers for a night in a haunted location and loved it!

Ghost City
Ghost City

I’ve visited a haunted house, frequented a few haunted bars. Something I’ve never been brave or crazy enough to do is live in a haunted house. However, I know someone who does so I thought I’d get her story and share it.

No Names

So for lack of a better name lets call my friend Jane and her two daughters Mary and Emily. Mary is a typical teenager, and Emily is a typical teenager. So Jane and her daughters move into the idea half a double block in a small town right down the street from the school.

She knows the family that used to live next door and another family just down the street. The family down the street tells her that their family used to own the house and that their grandmother died in the house.

Ghost Adventures
Ghost Adventures

Jane being caught up on Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters thinks “awesome!” Also, at first there are some minor things. Jane’s keys would go missing; there would be tapping on doors in the middle of the night. Then Jane’s computer monitor would turn on in the middle of the night.

It Smells Like Roses

Jane’s daughters would say that it would smell like flowers in their rooms. So, the family nicknamed the spirit in the house “Rose” months went by, and Mary began to grow noticeably moody, she wasn’t sleeping. Missing school, yelling at her mother and sister.

When Jane confronted her daughter, Mary apologized and said that there was a dark shadow in her room all the time and she heard voices. There was more.

Jane explained that there were times when her bed would shake, she told me she watched the water in her water bottle vibrate on her nightstand because Jane thought she was just overtired. She demanded whatever was making her bed shake to stop and it did.

Asking Neighbors

Alarmed by all of this Jane went to the neighbors to ask about these strange occurrences. She learned that not only had the grandmother passed away in the house but another person had died in the house as well. On the other side of the double block in the room right next to Mary’s.

The spirit that had been there liked to turn the television on and off and was very dark and mean the family warned Jane.

Blur - Orbs
Blur – Orbs

Jane was beside herself as a witch she was prepared for spirits. She blessed her children and used quartz to protect their rooms. Mary and Emily liked Rose and didn’t want the old grandmother’s spirit to leave.

However, when Mary’s condition didn’t improve, and the teen began to consider suicide Jane had no choice. She took it upon herself to cleanse the house of the spirits.

Clean It All

Shortly afterward Mary’s moods began to improve. So life in the house has since returned to whatever it is Jane, and the girls call normal.

She tells me that every so often in the middle of the night the old house still makes odd sounds and she isn’t sure if it’s the house being a house or if something is trying to work it’s way back in.

So remember that the next time you’re our apartment hunting. Do your research, or you might have to share the house with its previous tenants.

Artemis Dai

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