Lucky Number 13

The number 13 is at the center of many superstitious beliefs and fears. Then again, when paired alongside Friday it only becomes worst.


The name of the fear of the number thirteen is called triskaidekaphobia. For some people Friday the 13th is quite unlucky while for others it is a sign of luck. Which side are you on?

The number thirteen is a mysterious source in many subjects. Just like you would see in religion, the history or even mathematically, the number thirteen is just as mysterious.

In the Christian and Catholic religion, the number thirteen links to the sorrows of Jesus Christ. This fact is because the number united the apostles making them thirteen overall.

Scandinavia Map 1920
Scandinavia Map 1920

Before Christians and Catholics in Scandinavia, there were Vikings. It’s following the inquisition that the Norse God, Loki became the thirteenth one in their mythology and is their version of Satan. Also, some believe that on the third of the month, from May 13th to October 13th in 1917 the Virgin Mary appeared to shepherds.

Did You Know?

According to continents, the superstitions aren’t the same in the least. Still today in Asia, the number four stands for bad luck and this is for a simple reason, it’s pronounced “see” which means death. Over there just like here with the number thirteen the buildings that are more than four floors would be named 3b.

However, let’s go back to the number thirteen instead.

The number thirteen could come from antiquity. In centuries B.C. the Macedonian King added his statue to the twelve gods of their mythology and later died assassinated not long after.

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum
Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

Moreover, the thirteenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet is the first letter of the word death in their language. In the same angle, in French, the thirteenth letter is “M” which is also the first letter of the word death, “mort.” In English, we could mention the word “mortician.”

We can also find the number thirteen in the Tarot deck, which is the card related to death. On a positive note in a Marseille reading, the thirteen can also signify to chase away the past to start over. After reading about it, I find it brings a balance to it.

Let’s Talk About The Number

The number thirteen in the lunar circle means the number following the cycle, i.e. twelve. Maybe it isn’t as bad as we think.

Why is there only twelve months in a year, twelve hours of the day and twelve hours of the night, twelve zodiac signs, twelve gods in Greek Mythology, twelve trials of Hercules, twelve Israeli tribes and twelve apostles surrounding Jesus Christ? Is this normal?

Let’s Do Math

The number twelve can be divided by two, three, four or six when thirteen can only be divided by one and itself. The painter and composer Arnold Schonberg had this phobia. The artist was born on a Sunday on the thirteenth day and died at the age of seventy-six meaning, 7+6=13 on a Friday the 13th.

Pennhurst Hospital - USA, Pennsylvania - Spring City
Pennhurst Hospital – USA, Pennsylvania – Spring City

The number thirteen disappeared from hotels and elevators and theaters as well as hospitals that do not have a thirteenth bed or room. Many airports don’t have a thirteenth door as well as a seat.

Just A Bit More

The French comic book, Spirou adds to the superstition. There is no page thirteenth. As of now, I do pay more attention to know if it is a superstition that is still up to date in newer places.

On this note, I went to see a movie and guess which room it was, thirteen.


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