Ghostly Origins

Death is something that either fascinates people or leaves them afraid. It is common to see the truth of a person on its death bed.

It is also common to wonder if they’ll come back or go to heaven or the switch as merely turned off. Either way, ghosts are part of our history.

Ghosts & Spirits

The idea of a spirit coming to back to haunt the living is not new to human history. Humankind believed in this theory since the beginning of ancient civilizations. It might be because we don’t know what goes beyond death or that our beliefs in it lack facts.

It is not enough to believe in heaven and hell, limbo, reincarnation or another plane of existence. Ghosts are something powerful to many people because some feel reassured that their loved ones are still present while their past haunts others.

Is there a way to explain how a ghost can exist? On Quora, I am often answering this question to various people wondering how it would be possible for a spirit to be “alive.” My answer is quite simple: there is no way to prove it. However, if you believe that each being that is alive has a soul, i.e. a personality unique to the individual as each of us are different from one another, that could be what lives on once the body is inert and becomes useless.

Everything and everyone consists of energy. Once the body is lifeless, the energy that is left must go somewhere and recycle itself. However, the conscience, if still there, might retain its “form” and until it dissipates and “cross over” if you will, it remains intact but in a transparent way as it is nothing but energy at that point. Hauntings are therefore could be crossings of energy and explain specific strange behavior of small appliances or feelings from the haunted.

Early Sightings

In the earliest days of the Roman Empire, records show that a young man living in the country of Greece in the city of Athens shared letters of a ghost haunting his house. The ghost was an old man, chained and with a long white beard. This encounter happened in the first century A.D.

Al Capone - 1930
Al Capone – 1930

Followed by other ghost stories in the country of Germany in Europe, in the eight hundred years A.D., the first poltergeist activity took place. A poltergeist is a noisy ghost that can use objects and throw them or move them. This particular one threw stones at the residents of the house.

In the more famous department, Al Capone is a sighting that people reported at his plot where his body decomposed. People that are disrespectful to his burial report sightings of the infamous mobster. At Alcatraz, where Al Capone stayed, people say they hear music coming from the cell he was in for the time he stayed.

Anne Bonley 1570
Anne Boleyn 1570

Anne Boleyn, the mother of Elizabeth I, is one of the most famous ghosts of London in the country of England. After the accusations of adultery, incest, treason, and witchcraft, she found herself imprisoned in the Tower of London and executed. People report seeing the noblewoman in the tower.


Ghosts are not unique to people, but places as well. When researching the subject of hauntings, I also keep my mind open to science and possibilities. I am a paranormal enthusiast, and this passion goes back to my youngest years. So, one of my explanations of the haunting phenomena is cellular memory.


Locations such as war ground, castles, forts, cemeteries and sacred ground are famous for paranormal sightings or unexplainable noises. My theory is cellular memory. I won’t go into the scientific detail, but grosso modo the idea is that everything that is alive can retain memory. In French, we have an expression that says, “If only walls could speak.”

Often places with a brutal past could be the most haunted. The more the memory is active, the more it has chances to stay and create an imprint in whatever is around it. We, ourselves, carry the genetics of our ancestry, why not a battlefield or a dungeon?

Time is irrelevant to the ground. It might retain details from the past. Who’s to say that the civil war isn’t continually happening in the old battleground in the United States? Locations can be haunted just like a house or a person. Hauntings are not limited because they are not physical, but energy.

About The Origins

The origin of ghosts is from all around the world since the dawn of time. Is it possible to pinpoint its exact place? Etymologically, it has many European roots and records show many mentions over human history. However, it is a global phenomenon, and the origin is from everywhere because it is unique to each to believe in them or not.

Hauntings are not all dangerous. Some can be harmonious and liberating. Keep in mind that ghosts are part of our past and that it is energy that is transforming itself into something more. Good or bad, ghosts are a part of our history forever.

The OCD Vampire,
Alexa Wayne

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