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Father Sebastiaan The Vampire and Fangsmith

The word vampire is centuries old. It inspired generations of people’s dream, nightmares, novels and more.

Father Sebastiaan is making sure his name is part of the vampire legacy.

Schedule Interference

I usually get to sit down with an interviewee and then write about conversation shared with those amazing people I get to meet. However, sometimes schedules prove to be a problem and I don’t get to sit down with the person.

Night - Moon
Night – Moon

The vampire selected for the interview might be extremely interested in presenting his or her side of their community and culture, but sadly scheduling conflicts to arise and the interview never happens.

That is where we find ourselves with the sit-down interview with Father Sebastiaan. Between the Endless Night events, trips to Europe, Fangsmithing and of course the author life, Father Sebastiaan is one hard vampire to stake down.

So instead of the traditional interview approach, I went with a less orthodox method.

Google It

If you type in the name Father Sebastiaan on Google, you can get a whole page of references on the American Fangsmith: the man, the vampire community. Father Sebastiaan does it all from clan creator to leader impresario!

The number of interviews, radio shows and articles on him are staggering. We even saw him on the SyFy paranormal hit, Ghost Adventures.

Father Sebastiaan
Father Sebastiaan

According to a New York Times article written by Sam Kestenbaum, in the nineties, Sebastiaan self-proclaimed himself the King of the Vampires. The Vampire Community exploded at the time.

“New York was mine, and I ruled from my shop.” — Father Sebastiaan

New York Times

The subculture, still hiding at the time, didn’t stop Sebastiaan from taking the opportunity to build his empire. That was of course until Ms. Susan Walsh went missing. Rumors flew that the King of the New York Vampires was last to see her alive and some suspected the worst. Her disappearance remains a mystery to this day, but the negative exposure did damage to the subculture.

Questioning The King

Clans around the world began to question whether or not what Father Sebastiaan did for the culture was indeed a good thing. To this day not all vampires agree with the exposure that the New York King of the culture gave them.

As the city changed and controversy swirled around him, Father Sebastiaan saw his kingdom crumble, and his crown swept away with the tides of change.

Wine Glass
Wine Glass

He left New York for a time, traveled the world and found there to be no place like home. He currently bounces between several cities but calls L.A. home and New York a second place when away from his new land.

In the last few years, the Vampire Community saw new life from the next generation that finds its way into the subculture. Old concerns stir up as vampire clubs immerge in major cities and social media makes it easier for vampires to go “mainstream.”

Father Sebastiaan continues to be a steady figure in the community and subculture no matter where he is in the world. With a growing following that approaches a million followers, the once King of New York may still wear a crown after all.

Endless Night

His Endless Night Vampire Balls known throughout the community and whether people likes him or not, his name remains.

There are still many in the community that doesn’t like Father Sebastiaan‘s brand of vampirism — calling him too flashy and overstuffed but to each his own in my opinion.

Endless Night Vampire Ball
Endless Night Vampire Ball

While I’ve never met the forty-three years of age fangsmith in person, we spoke several times via Facebook and text. I find him to be a businessman at times, a showman at others and want what he feels is best for those in the community loyal to him.

Meet The Vampire King

He represents a father figure for the members of the Sabretooth Clan — the clan he created. If you’re interested in meeting the famous Vampire King of New York, you’ll have to check his schedule online.

Maybe get yourself in for some custom temporary fangs. Although if you’re brave enough, I’ve heard that permanent implants aren’t that far away for the Vampire King.

My views on Father Sebastiaan remain neutral as we all have our demons. Also, I would advise anyone that until you meet someone do not judge anyone on other people’s saying.

This article is not an interview, any quotes used are taken directly from the original sources, and you’re free to read the New York Times’ article yourself.

Until next time,
Artemis Dai

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