Vampire, The Community

Artemis Dai is our precious liaison to the Vampire Community and she prepared and article about a quick overall look at it.

You don’t know what a Vampire Community is? Come here to find out and catch up!

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Hollywood Vampires

When we read about vampires, most people think of the monsters of Hollywood. The romanticized creatures of movies like Interview with a Vampire and HBO’s series True Blood.

True Blood
True Blood

They’re handsome and immortal and mostly male. Most, if you notice, are well off, years, centuries of accumulated wealth and privilege and the things of fantasy.

Vampire Community Vampires

The modern day vampire is anything but what we think. Well, many are beautiful and handsome. All in fact if you ask me. However, most are not wealthy, most of if not all hold everyday jobs.

They are teachers, bankers, lawyers, they own businesses and have families. While they aren’t precisely privileged, they do hold themselves to a standard that might suggest privilege, nobility, and aristocracy.

Throughout the many interviews I’ve done I’ve noticed one common theme between the vampires I’ve spoken with along the way. A sense of commitment to do more for the cities they call home. Many of the leaders in the Vampire Community feel a need to support the underprivileged and overlooked in their towns.

Vampire Month

Since January is GBM’s month on vampires, I wanted to spend the month writing about these fantastic outreaches.

Highlighting the critical work that these groups do for their community and how the subculture of vampires within the Vampire Community is making a difference in the lives of people they barely know from soup kitchens to coat drives. Some houses work with domestic violence homes others serve the homeless and the needy.

Each year the New Orleans Vampire Association — NOVA, serve holiday meals to the homeless. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter dinners. The association has been doing this for almost ten years according to their website.

Thirty-seven percent of the cities i.e. nearly four hundred thousand residents are under the federal poverty level. Moreover, one of NOVA’s primary missions is the serve the cities needy.

“NOVA is a State Recognized Non-Profit Organization geared toward helping the homeless in the New Orleans area and working towards its greater goals, including a homeless shelter in the Greater New Orleans area.” — NOVA Website

NOVA official Website

The New Orleans Vampire Association is made up of several vampire houses or clans. Also, is a testament to what the modern Vampire Community can be like for example. Like many other organizations in major cities, NOVA is out to project the vampire community in a positive light.

To display the high standard that they hold themselves to personally, perhaps to inspire others to do the same or more. The vampire subculture often gets a less than appealing view from many angles. Groups like NOVA aim to chip away at the negativity through visible positive actions.

More To Come

So this is a quick overlook of the Vampire Community, be sure that more interviews are coming your way from members! Until then, stay safe and keep reading GBM!

Artemis Dai

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