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When I think of what a Creepypasta is the first definition is this: A story that has found its start on the internet and grown beyond expectation almost developing a life of its own.

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One that can almost be verified in origin because that where these stories come from.  Now while yes there are other categories that fit this description as well, these particular types of stories all have something in common. They are all creepy and scary.

While there are literally hundreds if not thousands of Creepypasta out there, I did a bit of searching and found some of the most well-known and some I found to be the creepiest out there. So check under your beds and if you are reading this at night, sweet dreams. Here is my list of the top ten Creepypastas out there.

# 10 — SlenderMan

Probably the most well-known Creepypasta is that of Slenderman. Slenderman appeared on the scene as a drawing back in 2009 on a forum called, Something Awful.

Creepypasta - Slenderman
Creepypasta – Slenderman

He was drawn by user Eric Knudsen. From that art his story has blossomed into many narratives but most feature him as the type where when you have seen him it, it is too late.  He is shown in many mediums but I remember the Youtube Channel Marble Hornets was where I first heard of him.

It was a series of videos, all varying lengths, that depicted friends going crazy with a Slenderman chasing them. Symbols and saying would later appear not only in a game called eight pages but also in a movie. Things got even crazier when incidents started happening in real life with him being the one at the center of it.

# 9 — Annora Petrova

This one is one that makes you think.  So the story goes that our young lady Annora was a figure skater who was known for her wins. She became curious and searched for herself finding that she had a Wiki page about her listing her wins.

Creepypasta - Art
Creepypasta – Art

Only not only was this a record of her wins from the past but it also showed the future wins. She kept track and slowly but surely the Wiki page predicted correctly.

Annora, sadly, became too greedy and edited her own page in order to guarantee a win. After that everything changed. Her luck ran out and the Wiki page kept producing sadder and sadder results in her life. Until the last entry when it predicted her death.

# 8 — Candle Cove

This one is honestly to me what Five Nights at Freddy’s is. A tangible nightmare. Candle Cove was a thought dreamed up by web-cartoonist  and author Kris Straub

Back in 2009 he entered our minds with a thread that detailed a group of adults remembering a tv series they watched as kids called Candle Cove. One girl says she remembers watching it when she was younger and enjoyed the pirate puppets.

The story is told via a thread on a forum called the “NetNostalgia Forums”, where a group of users discuss an unusual television show, Candle Cove. The show is about a young girl named Janice, who imagines herself to be friends with pirates.

The pirate characters are said to be portrayed by puppets. As the users continue to reminisce they begin to recall more disturbing details about the show, such as a character known as the “Skin-Taker”, a skeleton pirate who wears clothing made out of children’s skin, and an episode that consisted entirely of the puppets flailing and screaming.

The story closes with a user stating that they had recently visited their mother, who revealed that during the times the user said they were watching Candle Cove, all the mother saw on the TV was static.

# 7 — Suicidemouse.avi

Disney literally has some of the most popular Creepypastas, but this was one I had honestly never heard of before. The way this story goes is that back when Disney was making black and white cartoons, you know the ones, the ones that lasted only nine to ten minutes.

Creepypasta - Art
Creepypasta – Art

There was one that was so disturbing a creator walked out changed. The video, available through link, depicts Mickey Mouse but as we certainly are not used to him. He is forlorn and walks with a looped building background behind him.

The whole while It is clear he is anxious. As the video goes on more and more begins to change. Mickey and his background change. His face is now twisted in a smirk. The background is crumbling. From there everything turns supremely sinister. Watch if you dare.

# 6 — Wake Up

Creepypastas are meant to tug at our mind because there are elements to the story itself that are fully reasonable in our minds. This is one that really sums itself up in the first paragraph. The images however add so much more to the story making it even scarier.

Creepypasta - Art
Creepypasta – Art

It has been reported that some victims of torture, during the act, would retreat into a fantasy world from which they could not wake up. In this catatonic state, the victim lived in a world just like their normal one, except they weren’t being tortured.

The only way that they realized they needed to wake up was a note they found in their fantasy world. It would tell them about their condition, and tell them to wake up. Even then, it would often take months until they were ready to discard their fantasy world and please wake up.*

# 5 — Where the Bad Kids Go

This one sounds like something out of Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark, or something that R.L. Stine would have done in a Choose Your Fate storyline. 

But this one hits somewhere in the gut where your deep fears want to hide. The story for this one isn’t for the faint of heart. A young man talks about his time in Lebannon when he was younger and watching a show there, what was a kids show showing what “bad kids did” depicting graphic images throughout until the end when a rusty metal red door would be shown and the subtitle would say “That’s where the bad kids go.”

Creepypasta - Art
Creepypasta – Art

Years later the young man became a journalist photographer and decided to research the show that had never left him. He found the studio where the show had been taped and low and behold he found the door. Opening it he found a nightmare fuelled by an energy drink. Blood, bone and feces coated the room and if that wasn’t enough to scare anyone, in the middle of the room housed a caged microphone.

# 4 — Smile Dog

Smile Dog is one of those Creepypasta that really freak you out. The story goes that a writer who was looking for a muse and found it in a woman who told him she had a crazy story for him.

However, when he got there she had locked herself in the bedroom refusing to see him, and lost in despair.  All over a simple JPEG, but one that is said to have driven people insane.  Sad to say but in this case dog is not man’s best friend.

#3 — Jeff The Killer

This one ranks a bit higher on my list for unnerving factor alone. This Creepypasta tell the story of a young boy named Jeff who slowly loses his mind after a number of unfortunate events lead him to cut away his eye lids so he never closes his eyes and he gives himself a permanent smile.

Creepypasta - Art
Creepypasta – Art

After killing his parents after telling them to “Sssh… go to sleep”, he is reportedly still at large.

# 2 — Squidward’s Death

This one will be heartbreaking for any Spongebob Squarepants fans reading this. Be warned there is a video and it is graphic. This Creepypasta came to life from a supposed intern at Nickelodeon Studios.

He tells the story of a secret never aired episode of Spongebob where Squidward is slowly driven to suicide. Frame by Frame we are led through disturbing images, some that never would belong in an episode of the sunny kids show. 

Creepypasta - Art
Creepypasta – Art

This one ranks higher due to the fact that the animation in the video really creeped me out.

#1— Ben Drowned

To be fair there were two versions of the number one that I debated with, one was the Pokemon game that incited the Lavender Town Syndrome which had a music that played in the back ground at a frequency that caused suicides in children from 9-12.

But the one that beats that is the cursed cartridge from The Legend of Zelda. The story for this Creepypasta is that a man wanting to relive a bit of his childhood went searching for a Mask of Majora game on the ’64. Lo and behold, like anything we seem to want to find randomly, he found it at a local garage sale and was gifted it by the man hosting the sale.

He said it had belonged to a boy who didn’t live there anymore. When the young man gets home he finds a saved file there already titled Ben. Ben had been so close to beating the game but never made it. Moving on, the young man starts playing a new save file but things start to happen. 

Creepypasta - Art
Creepypasta – Art

The game confuses his Link file for the Ben and the NPCs start calling him Ben. He is teleported to places using phrases that he shouldn’t be seeing or hearing. From there is just gets worse. It ends with the young man having to burn the cartridge but I will link the videos he captured here.

My Top 10

So there is my list of the top ten Creepypastas. Hopefully they chilled you as much as they did me. Good night and leave us your thoughts below!

Kendra Hala aka Inkstress Zee

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