Mystery Man Interview

After some time now, I sat down with someone and had a one on one. If you remember, last month I spoke with the lovely Queen Lovelace in Richmond.

The month before that, it was the mind-blowing interviews with the team from Paranormal Travelers. Which I have to tell we’re gearing up for another investigation!

Some Introduction!

For December, I wanted to sit down with a vampire that had a unique perspective on the holiday season because unlike many vampires I’ve interviewed in the last year he’s a witch.

He asked to remain anonymous for the interview due to family and business reasons but nonetheless the interview proved fruitful.

Artemis Dai A.D.: Thank you very much for sitting down with me today. I know I can’t use your real name, is it okay if we call you Mystery Man for this interview?

Mystery Man M.M.: Man, Monster, Mister, Master, they all work for me.

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A.D.: I couldn’t help but chuckle at all the M words he thought about! Well, I have to ask right away, why the anonymity?

M.M.: Anonymity. That’s a good way of putting it. Well, for one, most of my family doesn’t know about my darker side.

I guarantee you none of my co-workers know. I don’t exactly work in a place were fangs are welcome. So, while I appreciate your interview and love the idea of sitting down with you and all your ghoul-friends. I can’t run the risk of losing my career.

A.D.: So, you see yourself as a vampire?

M.M.: Yes, I am what most people would call an “energy vampire,” some call it a psy-vampire i.e. psychic vampire.

I use the energy of people around me to contain and strengthen my monster. Before you ask, no I don’t ask permission. I don’t have what they call a “donor.”

I’m a solitary, asking permission would let out my secret. I’m responsible with my intact. I take from large crowds, I’m out in public a lot, so, there is plenty to go around.

A.D.: Does being a witch play any factor in you taking energy verse being a sang vampire?

M.M.: I suppose it does. Sang vampires generally have to cut or bite their donors. Witches have a rule, at least the ones I grew up around: Harm ye none.

To me, that means even cutting is a no-no. Even if they were to give permission. Also, that’s not to say that any other vampire is wrong. I’m sure most would agree, or at least I’d like to think that they would.

What works for me works for me. What goes for them, goes for them. That’s why I drink in the energy from large crowds. Most of that energy is not something that is to waste.

A.D.: When did you know you were a vampire and how did you know?

M.M.: It was during a coming of age ceremony when I was in my early teens. I’m a fifth or sixth generation witch. I can never remember how many of us there have been.

My mother used to tell me we were the ones that got away in Salem. I’m sure she was joking. The ceremony was a full moon ceremony which is very common in the witch world.

Also, I remember very clearly seeing the energy we were creating and wanting it. Wanting to know what it tasted like, what it felt like to take that energy inside me.


For me it was like candy at that age. I still have a horrible sweet tooth. I thought maybe it was normal at that age to watch the energy, you know? It began to happen at odd times throughout my teenage years.

I’d go to school to sporting events to feel better when I felt sluggish. I’d go anywhere there were large crowds to take in the energy from the people and feel better.

After some research. I concluded that it wasn’t so normal a thing after all. I didn’t put an actual name to it until maybe twenty or so years ago. No one used the word vampire in the early eighties, none that were taken seriously in any way. I never did tell my parents. My mother passed away last year.

A.D.: I’m sorry to hear that.

M.M.: Thank you.

Gothic Bite Magazine are very sorry for your loss. We hope the healing will be kind and time will be gentle. Our thoughts are with you.

A.D.: As a witch, I know you celebrate Yule. Most witches I know believe that Christmas A.D.: As a witch, I know you celebrate Yule a celebration dating before Christmas which is quite close to the winter solstice itself.

Now, the current generation is beginning to lean towards a darker look at the Christian holiday by popularizing the stories of Krampus in the United States. What is your take on all of that?

M.M.: Let me go back to that statement I said earlier. What works for me, works for me. My faith as a polytheist is not one for debate with that of a monotheist.

I can’t tell you which religion came first. I can’t tell you who is right and who is wrong. I’m just not that wise. I’m old, not necessarily wise. So whether or not the church moved a celebration closer to a pagan holiday or they just happened to happen around the same time isn’t up to me to theorize or debate.


However, the legends of Krampus were there since the twelfth century. It’s a European pagan tradition, and while it’s just now becoming popular here in the United States, it’s a big deal in places like Austria and Germany where it’s believed to be its origins.

I think the reason it became so popular here in the United States is from the movie, Krampus. This generation is always quickly fascinated by movies these days.

Krampus Festival
Krampus Festival

Also, second, this younger generation is darker. I don’t want to say hateful because it’s not hatred. However, they enjoy the darker side of things like all these zombie shows, the gore, the horror, the more violent video games, with all the details added to add the horror factor. What used to scare children when I was one, these kids nowadays find cool and even funny at times.

A.D.: I have one more question for you before we wrap this up. I know you’re not part of the Vampire Community online.

You’ve made it clear in our previous conversation that you’re not tech savvy. Aren’t you interested in connecting with others of your kind?

M.M.: Oh, don’t get me wrong. I know how to send emails, and I have my iPhone. I’m just not interested in the drama. There are groups out there that I hear are doing wonderful things.

Red Wine
Red Wine

I read about your friend, Queen Lovelace last month and that group down in New Orleans. I have a few friends in New York City, a few in Philadelphia between you and I, I stay connected enough for my taste.

That Is it!

No two interviews are ever alike. MM was extremely interesting to be around. He was charming and captivating.

We sat in a coffee shop during the interview and just talked. I could have shared so much more. Maybe we’ll save that for a second interview.

Artemis Dai

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