Happy New Year!

Gothic Bite Magazine is happy to wish all of their followers and readers a Happy New Year for 2019!

In this article, you’ll also see what’s waiting for you for 2019 here at Gothic Bite Magazine! We always want to give you more and so, here it is!

2018 Retrospective

2018 was the birth of Gothic Bite Magazine. Not only did it come true, but it was quite an adventure. The passion for the paranormal took an entirely new meaning with GBM trying to bring the latest news in the field.

Sure, we made some mistakes, encountered some problems, but the Ghoul Family always fought to overcome those obstacles and learn. We try to keep our word and provide all our readers an article per day.

Gothic Bite Magazine Issue 1 - Kindle Cover
Gothic Bite Magazine Issue 1 – Kindle Cover

I won’t lie, the holidays took a toll on a few of us, but worry not, 2019 is better than ever for Gothic Bite Magazine! We have many surprises that await!

Experiments & Hypothesis

Always looking around, trying to better GBM, we have concluded that giving more importance to our Monster of the Month is essential and so the website as of now showcases more about the monster the month represents.

What else? Well, Gothic Bite Magazine is now the proud host for many anthologies throughout the entire year such as Merry Krampus, Downfall – The Suprahumans Vol. 1, The Grimoire, Sand of Time and many more!

Merry Krampus Vol.1 2018 by Alexa Wayne
Merry Krampus Vol.1 2018 by Alexa Wayne

A. Wayne, anticipated paranormal/horror’s novel of Vlad the Impaler coming out this March promises many surprises of its own along the way! Not only will it be one true length novel, but only the beginning of one big horrific adventure into the darkest places the paranormal has to offer.

Alexa Wayne on Zombiepalooza Radio Live
Alexa Wayne on Zombiepalooza Radio Live

What more can Gothic Bite Magazine bring you? Online live interviews and Paranormal After Dark! Soon, GBM will bring you talks about monsters, ghostly experiences, paranormal and thoughts on real-life cases and hauntings.

A Year Filled With Goodies!

Gothic Bite Magazine has so much in store for all of you! 2018 taught us much on how to make this webzine better and believe us when we say it can only be better as the new year starts!

Boris Karloff as Frankenstein's Monster
Boris Karloff as Frankenstein’s Monster

From all of us at Gothic Bite Magazine, we wish you a wonderful 2019 filled with laughs, smiles, and awesomeness! See you in 2019!

The OCD Vampire,
Alexa Wayne

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