Jonathan Young and The Nightmare Before Christmas

Happy Holidays Biters! With 2018 marking the 25th anniversary of The Nightmare Before Christmas I wanted to give you a small look into my music library and introduce you to a cover artist by the name of Jonathan Young.

Cover Artist and a Good One

Jonathan Young is a YouTuber based out of Southern California known mostly for his covers of Walt Disney songs in a pop-punk and power metal style.

With his first upload going way back in the summer of 2013 reached him 76,275 views and got him 2.6k subscribers, Jonathan now sits at just over a million subscribers. Yes, me being one of them. In October of 2014, I found his channel when he did a cover of Danny Elfman‘s This is Halloween.

I didn’t care for his rendition of Elfman‘s memorable opening number for The Nightmare Before Christmas. The video featured enough strobe lights, fake blood and face prosthetics to warrant a trigger warning.

Having said that I’m glad I gave some of his other videos a chance because nobody does or covers Disney like Mr. Young. This man’s range is something to see as fun and light-hearted one video only to be dark and sinister the next.

Growing Up On Disney

Like most millennials, I grew up with Walt Disney VHS tapes and gotten much enjoyment out of them. The animation was colorful, the music was catchy, and the characters were entertaining. Disney was something that stayed with me from my childhood to this day.

Now it’s well known to quite a few members of the Ghoul Family that I love villains. The hero may usually win the day, but it’s the bad guy who always has the most fun.

Jonathan Young has a deep, rich and powerful voice, So it’s the villain songs that allow him to shine. Having covered the staples like Hellfire from The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Be Prepared from The Lion King, this year’s cover of the Oogie Boogie Song from The Nightmare Before Christmas is the topic today.

Welcome To Halloween Town

This project was Young‘s second trip to Halloween Town with guest guitarist Lee Albrecht along for the ride. The video jumps between Lee’s guitar playing and a finely dressed Jonathan Young taunting a Santa bound by Christmas lights in a dark room.

He belts his lyrics with such power and grit that his Oogie seems like a straight-up psychopath compared to his movie counterpart all the while mocking Santa with a hand puppet.

Anyone who’s seen the original scene from the Burton classic knows it’s a stark contrast from what stated above. With bright neon colors and a playful jazz melody I never really got the feeling, Oogie posed much of a threat to “Ol’ Sandy Claws”. Upon re-watching the number aside from being hit by some dice none of the traps ever touch Santa.

25 Years of Spook

So if you’d like your Walt Disney villains with a touch darker you should give a try to your favorite Disney song with the dial cranked to eleven because Jonathan Young is your guy!

Until next time everyone, I wish you a Happy New Year and lots of fun! Whatever you do, do it responsibly!


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