Zombiepalooza Interview

My first podcast interview was an experience I can’t forget.

The interview, conducted by Jackie Chin brought me much pleasure and a chance to talk about GBM, Merry Krampus and novels to come.

Lucky Me

My husband and I had to go to the United States, in the beautiful town of Burlington, Vermont to pick up an order at the University Mall. So, early in the morning we headed for the borders.

Hotel Transylvania - The Series
Hotel Transylvania – The Series

When we crossed, we decided that we would stop and have some breakfast at iHop. I had some Grinch pancakes and then we shopped and got our orders. I found a little Mavis doll at Target from the Hotel Transylvania The Series cartoon and bought it.

It was on our way back that traffic slowed us down. Constantly looking at the time, I hoped we’d make it in time. I needed a poster to hang behind me for the podcast. It was a Gothic Bite Magazine poster with all three of my novels. 

Merry Krampus 2018

Traffic in Montreal, traffic going north, looking at the clock I lost hope. Time flew by and even my husband thought we wouldn’t make it.  It was with three minutes left that I ran inside the local copy shop and got the poster just in time.

In The Spotlight

It is not common for me to be in the spotlight. I’m not someone who is comfortable talking about myself or what I do. However, Zombiepalooza Radio Live is one place I couldn’t say no!

Zombiepalooza Radio Live 2018-12-01

Their reputation and professionalism alone were enough for me to jump of excitement when they offered me a spot on their show. The opportunity of talking about Gothic Bite Magazine to an audience filled me with joy.

It isn’t often that we get to realize a dream as such and I am quite grateful of the opportunity. I prepared myself for the interview with care, then again, I was nervous to appear in front of the camera.

Then again, I couldn’t wait to share my love for the paranormal, writing and art. 

The Interview

I didn’t want to appear like the racoon I’ve been for the past few weeks. The rings under my eyes due to many hours of work and not much rest. I put on some make up, black eye shadow and black lipstick. I wore my The Nightmare Before Christmas cardigan and let my hair loose. 

I was ready. I mean, I had my notes all written in details in my notebook. I had my links, what I wished to talk about and why written down. I spent about ninety minutes right before the interview writing notes.

Then, when it was time for me to go in the computer room, I turned on my 27″ iMac and saw the text from Jackie letting me know she sent me an email to the link for the Hangout interview.

Merry Krampus Anthology Vol. 1 2018

I sat down and realized, I didn’t bring my notebook. Of course. I smiled and the interview began with me hoping I would remember everything as the interview would go along!

What’s To Come

When the interview ended, I had a big smile on my face. I shared with the audience projects and novels that would soon come. Novels and series, my love for both the paranormal and the darkest side of science fiction. 

Despite my shyness, I wish to be invited again. When watching the interview, I hope you’ll have fun and subscribe to the Zombiepalooza Radio Live YouTube Channel! 🙂

The OCD Vampire,
Arielle Lyon

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