2017 Holiday Mavis by Alexa Wayne

Holiday Mavis

Last year, I started drawing Mavis from Hotel Transylvania in a holiday sweater from the day after American Thanksgiving to January 2nd.

Obsession turn to Tradition

This year, I decided to turn it into a tradition and do it every year. So, welcome to the second year of Holiday Mavis!

Last year Hotel Transylvania The Series came out, and when I decided to give it a try, I realized how much I related to Mavis. I’m anything but average, I’m clumsy with everything I do.

2017 Holiday Mavis by Alexa Wayne
2017 Holiday Mavis by Alexa Wayne

I looked at her thought to myself that it felt great to have a character to relate to and not feel alone. It’s hard when you’re different, a little gothic, into monsters and things people judge you for liking. Then she came along, and I didn’t feel alone.

I started drawing her with this holiday sweater, drew her uncle Frankenstein with a Christmas hat, and that was it. I couldn’t stop drawing her! On DeviantArt, she became quite popular, and people seemed to be interested in it.

Monsters Likes Christmas

We’re used to seeing the Disney Princesses, Minions, Penguins of Madagascar, Looney Toons and all to celebrate Christmas, and so some us feel left out.

2017 Holiday Mavis by Alexa Wayne
2017 Holiday Mavis by Alexa Wayne

By bringing Hotel Transylvania The Series, it gives a new look on the holidays. However, not big enough yet, I decided to make it last a little longer and provide a variety.

Drawing Mavis with that holiday sweater was fun and entertaining and had me smile when people were thanking me for drawing her as such!

The Messy Hair

You’ll notice that I always draw Mavis with messy hair. That is my twist to the character. Like I’ve said before, I relate quite strongly to Mavis, and so, I decided to merge myself with her.

2018 Holiday Mavis by Alexa Wayne
2018 Holiday Mavis by Alexa Wayne

I do have black hair, short and a little stressed and clumsy and just like in the cartoon series, I have exaggerated expressions. It just made sense to me. So, I draw Mavis with messy waking up hair! Haha!

So, expect to see many 2018 Holiday Mavis!

The OCD Vampire,
Arielle Lyon

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