Social Media Era

Paranormal Encounters

Paranormal encounters from people who tell their stories on TV from shows like A Haunting to Paranormal Witness. Do you believe them?

The Paranormal Trend on TV

Ghost stories, ghost hunting, and paranormal investigations are on many channels on television. We see it on tv, read about it and now it is slowly expanding.

It is not about the ghosts only anymore. If you do a little research now, you can either close your eyes or meet with the paranormal encounters.

Ghosts Story of the Past

For many years ghosts were on television from people telling their stories to investigations from various teams and channels. I was one of those who would sit down and watch the shows and wish I could be investigating the paranormal.

Social Media Era
Social Media Era

I would watch all shows every single Friday and Saturday and keep up with them as they would play every week. I even read about hauntings, asked questions, and it got me to become the “freak” of my school for years.

What is impressive, is that now it doesn’t stop at ghosts anymore. Now, people reveal stories, and I am curious about them. I want to know if what is alive in my dreams can be real.

Don’t Say The Words

Yes, now people sit in front of the camera and talk about their experiences with the paranormal, but the right word doesn’t fall from their lips. The animal was eight feet tall, the man in town was tall and never spoke, he had amber eyes glowing and lived in the woods.


We crossed a strange town. We wanted to go camping and a cop car parked beside us advising us to stay inside. We drove past a convenient store and a group of strange tall people with glowing eyes stared at us. Later, I saw a monster in the woods.

We’re not talking about Bigfoot here. We’re talking about the one creature.


Werewolves have been part of human history for centuries. They even earned their place in the witch trials throughout North America and Europe in the three hundred years of witch hunt and trials.

Not only werewolves fascinate people, but they are to this day a famous paranormal creature that always has a place in literature and entertainment. The idea of a man or woman changing into a wolf through a curse somehow is now becoming closer to reality.

Real or Fiction

Do I believe in the paranormal, I do, and I want to. Do I believe that every single monster exist? No, but I want to. However, it seems like werewolves are slowly working their way into our reality.

New Orleans 02b

I would like to know if we are ready and if there is a way to find where they are and maybe prove their existence. I know that as of now I am keeping an eye out for werewolves in my town, after all, we do live in the sticks.

The OCD Vampire
Alexa Wayne

2 thoughts on “Paranormal Encounters

  1. Awesome post alexa!!! I love anything paranormal!!! Since I was a visits always interested me ,everything from ghosts to vamps to werewolves. Shared on all my socials!!💖😉

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