Vlad The Impaler - Dracula Untold

The Night Impaled

It was a long time ago that I found myself at peace in the night. I’ve always preferred rainy days to the sunlight. I read a lot about vampires and ancient history.

One day, I stumbled upon a man known as Vladislav III prince and voivode of Wallachia. I needed to read more. Everything wasn’t enough. Then not long ago I wrote, The Night Impaled.

Poenari Castle
Poenari Castle

The Night Impaled

A Vlad the Impaler Poem

Years have come and gone, and the night became my lover
Once more I have avoided the light and give myself to you again.
So many nightmares from my past surface as I get older.
Each scar deepens every moment I’m awake glancing in the rain.
I’m losing the battle you taught me to remember
Every face of those I have to fight against.
It is lost in the dead of night.

Within each nightmare, I walk alone to the battlefield.
Thousands of men reaching for their sword walking to me.
I look at them but only see the child they once forced to kneel.
My holster falls to the ground without a weapon I am to be
The one stabbed and lose it all to the one who conquered my home
I beg you, my lover, my night don’t leave me alone.
Take me with you and make me yours again.
I want to touch your darkness and embrace your reign.

When the clouds covered the sky, I saw
The one who tormented my life and thousands more.
He stood before me raising his sword to my one flaw.
He stood before me ready to thrust the blade through my core.
Falling to my knees, I remember how it all began!
I wouldn’t give him anything demanding my precious land.
Where rest my heart, my blood, and my soul.
I would’ve given my life if it meant it was enough to pay the toll.
He wanted more, he wanted terror and make me weak.
He dared step closer and disturb my peace.
I felt it deep within as I screamed “Fool! The dragon breathes fire!”
I let it consume me and picked my sword to fight to take my last respire.

As night reached me, I grew stronger than ever before
Worth a thousand men they all remembered my name.
My cry scattered the sky’s darkness still
The moonlight pierced through the night shining down my lore
They thought I was dead but deep within he remained.
Roaring inside spreading through my veins until
I crossed the eyes of the one I started a war for.
Long ago I promised I would have them forever safe
Within the walls of a castle high in the mountain above all lands.
My scars bleeding I feel the nightmares coming they surface.
The moon shines down on me the night is, my lover it’s you again.

The Order of Dragon Insignia
The Order of Dragon Insignia

More Than A Name

The man behind the monster history made him needs to see the light of day. Sometimes I wonder if he wanted his name to be Vlad the Impaler.

Sometimes I wonder if he is a dragon as he forever sleeps in history and this was my thoughts of who he was and who he will forever be.

The OCD Vampire
Arielle Lyon

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