The Haunting of Montebello Castle

There is a house in New Orleans, just kidding readers. We are traveling to the Castle of Montebello in Rimini, Italy.

Here there is an exceptional occurrence that only happens every 5 years, a story that involves a lovely but very different little girl.

Little Guendalina

A story, handed down through the centuries until finally in the 1600’s a parish priest made sure the story had a written record of that one special young girl’s life.


The tale is of a little girl who for her time was very different. Her skin was whiter than alabaster, and her hair had a blue tint. She had brilliant sky blue eyes, and while many names are used as hers, the one recorded is Guendalina. She was the daughter of the feudal Lord of Montebello.

Medieval Times

For the time this was happening, believed to be 1370, an albino child, honestly, any age albino, was the result of witchcraft and a bad omen. After all, this was the Dark Ages.

Albino Girl 01

Guendalina’s hair white as snow, has some say that her Mother wanted for her to appear like any others and would try to dye her hair black continually. The white hair resisted, hence the result of blue hair. She became quite the sheltered child, granted this was for her protection from the views of those around her.

A Child and her Ball


In June of 1375, at just 5 years old, Guendalina was playing with her ball under the watch of her bodyguards when for a moment, distracted, they looked away. A scream echoed but neither child nor ball ever appeared again.

Creepy Toys 01

Her presence, however, has not left the castle. Every 5 years she can be heard talking, laughing, and crying throughout her home. Even a movie crew, present once, reported strange occurrences as they shot their movie based on her story.

The tale might be sad, but the little one’s presence is still there roaming her childhood halls.


4 thoughts on “The Haunting of Montebello Castle

    1. Fully agreed. The Prince has even spoken on her behalf, stating for people to not treat it as a tourist attraction and let the little one be. Sad indeed.

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