The Conjuring Reality

I’m not someone who watches television much or movies for that matter. I’m more into writing and drawing.

However, paranormal movies get my attention, but it’s not until I happen to see it on television that I stop. The Conjuring had me question reality.

Many Years Later

It is true that it’s been a long while now that The Conjuring franchise has been out. Based on the most popular files of the famous Warrens, the movies got even more attention. I never watched the movies despite my passion for the paranormal, probably because I knew about the files.

The Warrens have been around for so long. Everyone who enjoys the paranormal knows their names. Lorraine has been the inspiration for the medium in Poltergeist, she worked on the Amityville case, the werewolf case and many more alongside her husband.

From my childhood to my twenties, horror movies had a big part in my life just like novels of the same genre. Then, my love for television ceased, and The Conjuring stepped aside in my head until last night.

Watching The Reality?

When the movie started, I read the introduction and thought it might be good as I knew Lorraine and Ed were present and visited the set with the family ensuring the truth.

James Wan, the director, I must say is as amazing as they come and set the bar quite high with the quality of horror mixed with drama. It is the only time I must say that I felt saddened by a horror movie.

The Conjuring
The Conjuring

I won’t speak of the stories since I want everyone to watch the fantastic work the actors did alongside the directors and everyone who worked on the set. The first Conjuring about a family relentlessly attacked by a demon, dog, and children included, breaks your heart as you see them suffer and desperate to get help.

Lorraine and Ed, driving to their house, staying with the family working their magic to bring all the members together to have a good time. I felt touched by their work, unwilling to give up helping the pained family who’s demon grow stronger by the minute.

The Conjuring 2
The Conjuring 2

The second movie, just as touching. I found myself crying twice looking at the sorrowful child lost, alone and in need. The family might not break apart, because you could see their love for one another. However, outside people giving up on them was heartbreaking.

Again, the Warrens kept pushing forward and refused to give up despite obstacles put in their path and I couldn’t help but admire their genuine love for everyone reaching out for their help.

Again, Wan‘s work was breathtaking.

The Everything

The scenery, the filming, the building, the clothing, the acting, everything was perfect. I’m sure everyone who knew the Warrens’ look must have had a smile, especially Lorraine Warren. The attention to detail, spectacular!

I enjoyed the peek at the Annabelle doll, the split second of the Nun, then the painting and the following it created when the complete manifestation takes place. Bravo!

The Conjuring
The Conjuring

I must say The Conjuring was a work of art. Truly. I mean it because I’m a fan of the paranormal and it takes a lot for me to be impressed because I don’t get involved quickly in movies or stories revolving around the subject.

Because the Warrens are famous for their work because we can choose to believe the stories and what the people went through, it is harder to make it appear real on the screen.

The Conjuring
The Conjuring

The choices made for the two movies were smart. That is why to me The Conjuring is now part of my favorite movies I’ve watched.

I highly recommend both movies, if like me, you didn’t watch the two yet!

The OCD Vampire,
Alexa Wayne

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