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Gothic Bite Magazine on Amazon!

Gothic Bite Magazine is my precious baby, aside from my furry assistant, Carey. It was a dream of mine since I was in high school to have my magazine.

Here We Go Again!

Let’s face it though, I’m no fashion girl and not goth either. I’m in between, and so is GBM!

You know the story of Gothic Bite Magazine already. I was on my couch, watching Hotel Transylvania – The Series. It’s no secret. I wrote it a few times. I reached out to friends and created Gothic Bite Magazine.

What I didn’t write about though, was the learning process and the anxiety and stress that comes with the title of Founder and Editor in Chief.

I took Graphic & Web Design in college, a 3D Animation semester, Sequential Art private classes and a Digital Art semester. I had the magazine covered. Wrong. I didn’t know how to manage a team, how to take care of a blog meant to be an online magazine. I didn’t know many things hidden in the “Behind the scene” all I knew was: I’m going to make it happen.

Anxiety Build Up

When I first realized I had to create a structure for all the members of Gothic Bite Magazine not to have a quiet day on GBM’s website, I thought all everything covered. Then, life laughed at my plans, and I had to fill in when others were unable to provide an article, sometimes even myself too caught up, couldn’t write, I needed more help.

Kendra - Editor & Proofreader Services
Kendra – Editor & Proofreader Services

Lucky enough for me, Kendra took the role of an administrator and “Second in Command” and helps me ever since. She is my second pair of eyes and passionately writes her articles as well.

Nevertheless, I needed more writers. I thought no one would come as a new regular writer, but when I reached out to the paranormal community and openly said Gothic Bite Magazine needed volunteer bloggers, I got new writers.

Kendra and I wouldn’t have to be worried about articles regularly, but editing is just as demanding. To me, Gothic Bite Magazine has to be perfect just like I envision it in my head. It’s a work of love and passion for me and The Ghoul Family.

GBM Vol. 1 - October & November 2018

After seven months of hard work, the anxiety surfaced because the countdown to the first published issue of the magazine was around the corner.

31 Days of Halloween

I spent many sleepless nights trying to figure out a way for Gothic Bite Magazine to provide me with the missing articles, keeping a solid structure for the website and mostly, avoiding the webzine to be dormant.

GBM - Excerpt - Nanye Article

I couldn’t ask GBM’s writers to be writing full depth articles as I’ve already overloaded them with the printed magazine. That’s when I thought about the movie reviews. We put everything on hold for October and the movie reviews and instead, tried our best to promote the magazine on Amazon.

Now that the 31 Days of Halloween reaches its end, I thought it’d be nice to push it one last time despite it making a wonderful holiday gift!

What Is In Store Now

Despite taking eight days to myself as of November 1st, do not fear, Gothic Bite Magazine is reopening its regular doors to its paranormal world. We celebrate the Zombie Month!

Gothic Bite Magazine Vol. 1 on Amazon
Gothic Bite Magazine Vol. 1 on Amazon

Don’t forget to grab yourself a copy of Gothic Bite Magazine Vol. 1 on Amazon! We have it available for tablets and on print! All profit goes toward GBM’s fund to afford a business plan WordPress website!

The OCD Vampire,
Arielle Lyon

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