Hotel Transylvania The Series - Quasimodo

Ghoul-Ash Recipe

Halloween cannot be complete without a real monster recipe given to you by a real friendly monster.

At Gothic Bite Magazine, we are a few that enjoys monster food and so here is my Ghoulash recipe.

Quasimodo’s Ghoulash

When watching Hotel Transylvania, I fell in love with the display of food they showed. Original and appetizing. When Hotel Transylvania – The Series came out, I paid attention to the food because they finally decided to create a restaurant for the hotel which makes sense.

Hotel Transylvania - The Series
When I looked at the food, made by Quasimodo, I thought he was a worthy chef and the originality in their food’s name and description, quite yummy. So, without further wait, here is the recipe for Quasimodo’s famous Ghoulash that makes Aunt Lydia in such a good mood!

The Ghoulash

To make the perfect Ghoulash, you’ll need monstrous ingredients that once together, make any monster drool and all humans gag. So, to be able to have such a yummy reaction, here are the ingredients needed.

The Ghoulash by Alexa Wayne
The Ghoulash by Alexa Wayne


1 box of pasta: Choose the pasta you desire, my limitation is due to gluten.
1 Red Bell Pepper.
1-2 Tbsp of Cajun seasoning, I use Club House.
4 cups of shredded cheddar – the color doesn’t matter.
2/3 of a cup of cream cheese, I use Philadelphia Light.
3 cups of 2% milk, I use Natrel Lactose Free.
1 pepperoni or andouille sausage.
1/3 cup of flour, I use La Maison Cannelle.
2 tsp. of butter or margarine, I use Nuvel.
* 1 Tbsp. of Green Food Coloring, I use Club House.

The Ghoulash by Alexa Wayne
The Ghoulash by Alexa Wayne


1. Cook pasta according to packaging.
2. Cut the red bell pepper and dried sausage.
3. In a large saucepan, melt butter.
4. Cook red bell pepper and dried sausage about 4-5 minutes.
5. Add flour and Cajun spices, cover the red bell pepper and dried sausage.
6. Slowly add milk, one cup at a time.
7. Keep stirring to make a roux.
8. Warm the cream cheese in the microwave.
9. Add cream cheese to the mixture.
10. Add the shredded cheddar.
11. Mix well until the mixture becomes smooth.
12. Add the green food coloring.
13. Drain pasta.
14. Add pasta to the cheese mixture and mix well.
15. Serve while hot.

The Ghoulash by Alexa Wayne
The Ghoulash by Alexa Wayne

Ghoulash Is Served!


Louisiana Cookin’ profoundly inspires this recipe. Because I live in Canada, we had to make some adjustments so we could make the recipe. Example, we do not have American cheese or Andouille sausages. Therefore, we needed to improvise. However, I do suggest to try both recipes and see the one you prefer!

The Ghoulash by Alexa Wayne
The Ghoulash by Alexa Wayne

This Cajun Mac & Cheese is a beloved recipe among family and friends and with the green food coloring, it makes it even more special! Worthy of Aunt Lydia’s standards!

Enjoy and to all, Spooky Halloween!

The OCD Vampire,
Alexa Wayne

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