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Interview with Sarah Baethge

One of Gothic Bite Magazine’s goals is to give the chance to paranormal and horror independent authors to shine.

Who is Sarah Baethge?

We reach out to them and ask if they would like to take some time and answer our questions, here’s what author, Sarah Baethge, had to tell Gothic Bite!

I’m Sarah Baethge. I have spent most of my adult life creating fictional stories to amuse myself. I got a scholarship in 2000 but attended college for only part of one year. I’ve lived in Texas and Louisiana for all of my life.

Author Sarah Baethge
Author Sarah Baethge

I did work installing software at NASA in Houston for a short time. More recently I lived on a donkey farm for a couple of years. I’ve spent the last week or so recording a .mp3 of my poetry.


Alexa Wayne (A.W.): When have you first thought about writing?

Sarah Baethge: I guess I always enjoyed reading, so I’ve often thought that writing would be fun.

A.W.: What made you choose paranormal over other genres?

Sarah Baethge: I like to read Stephen King and Anne Rice, so a paranormal look on life just seemed right.

Sarah Baethge - From Elsewhere
Sarah Baethge – From Elsewhere

A.W.: Who do you consider an inspiration when it comes to your writing career?

Sarah Baethge: Jason Segel with his Dracula musical.

A.W.: What is your process when you decide on a new story to write?

Sarah Baethge: I try to set out a page of notes where I can make my different story ideas fit together.

A.W.: What do you consider paranormal and what do you consider horror?

Sarah Baethge: I’d say paranormal is strange and abnormal, and horror is when it gets violent.

A.W.: Do you do much research when you decide on writing a novel?

Sarah Baethge: I try to research enough to keep stuff factual, but then I do write about aliens and werewolves, so there are often no hard facts to turn toward.

Sarah Baethge - If You Believe In Love at First Sight
Sarah Baethge – If You Believe In Love at First Sight

A.W.: What are your favorite paranormal novels?

Sarah Baethge: Can I say The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins?

A.W.: What are you currently reading?

Sarah Baethge: I just got a copy of Blood Communion by Anne Rice.

A.W.: Are there any series televised or novelized, video games or classics out there that inspired your work in any way?

Sarah Baethge: I like books like Odd Thomas written by Dean Koontz where the utterly bizarre happens, and no one even blinks.

Sarah Baethge - And I Was Hungry
Sarah Baethge – And I Was Hungry

A.W.: As the last question, is there anything that you would like to say to readers, bloggers, writers or aspiring authors about you or a thought?

Sarah Baethge: One of you is going to create the next thing I’d love to read. Don’t give up!

Sarah Baethge - The Illumination Query
Sarah Baethge – The Illumination Query

Where to find Sarah Baethge?

Author Sarah Baethge is easily found on her Facebook page and of course, Twitter. Other social medias that she provided Gothic Bite Magazine, are Google+ and Instagram.

If that wasn’t enough, she also has a GoodReads page and BlogSpot. Last but not least, she also has a Books2Read page as well to find. An About.Me page is also hers.

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