Misery - 1990

Misery Classic Review

I have already done one of Stephen King’s movie translations, so I figured it would be an honor for me to follow it up with another of his best, that’s right Misery.

Kathy Bates and James Caan star in this 1990 film adaption of Stephen King’s 1987 best seller by the same name.

The Summary

Best-selling novelist Paul Sheldon is on his way home from his Colorado hideaway after completing his latest book, when he crashes his car in a freak blizzard.

Paul is critically injured, but is rescued by former nurse Annie Wilkes, Paul’s “number one fan”, who takes Paul back to her remote house in the mountains — without bothering to tell anybody.

Unfortunately for Paul, Annie is also a head-case. When she discovers that Paul has killed off the heroine in her favorite novels, her reaction leaves Paul shattered… literally…

First, The Book

Stephen King‘s book was amazing, one I crushed in a day or two when I first got my hands on it. There was so much about the book that I enjoyed, so many memories I still have from my read through.

Misery - 1990
Misery – 1990

I was much younger when this film came out and ended up going with my parents to see it in theaters. I was at the point in my life where I wanted decent translations of books to film, and this one quickly fit that bill.

Following The Words

Like the book, Misery follows Paul Sheldon, as he is rescued by Annie Wilkes, after a horrific car accident that leaves him very injured and almost dead.

Misery - 1990
Misery – 1990

Wilkes nurses him back to health, and professing “I’m your number one fan,” something that reverberates with you long after the credits roll.

Horror Classic

To me, the movie Misery was an almost perfect translation, yes some small things were slightly changed or left out, but because of how well the film came out, I let it go.

Misery - 1990
Misery – 1990

Kathy Bates brought her talent to the table with this film, playing well off her co-star James Caan. The film, as well as the stars, were nominated and won numerous awards.

Trust me, I don’t take much stock in awards shows, or other film review places online either, but this one deserved it. This movie is a known classic and well worth your time to watch.



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