The Dentist - 1996

The Dentist Review

When I was younger, I fell quickly in love with the horror genre. We used to have Friday Creep Night at the house. We’d rent good horror movies and some we thought would be cheesy to lighten the mood.

This movie might be cheesy in some ways, but it gave me odontophobia, so you decide!

The Summary

Dr. Feinstone has everything, a beautiful wife and a successful career in dentistry, but, when he discovers his wife in an affair, he realizes that behind every clean, white surface lies the stench of decay. Having gone insane, he enacts cruel dental torture on his patients. — Written by Jason Borchers, IMDb

Dentists Are Necessary They Said

I must admit I was a teen when I watched the 1996 movie a few short years after it came out. My love for horror movies had me intrigued, and I had to know if that was as cheesy as I suspected it was.

The Dentist - 1996
The Dentist – 1996

Well, let’s say that despite me thinking The Dentist was cheesy, it did get to me. All the nightmares created by what a dentist can do once we trust them with our mouths come to life in that one movie.

Every single thought about tooth torture comes true. The germaphobe that the dentist became after catching his wife cheating turns him mad. The only way he finds to soothes his pain is to inflict it on others in a very nightmarish way.

That One Scene

I debated in my head if I should tell the scene that turned that phobia switch on or not. I decided it could be a spoiler despite it not an epiphany to the plot of the story. It was quite imaginative and probably the most horrifying dentistry way to inflict pain.

The Dentist - 1996
The Dentist – 1996

Despite seeing many patients suffer terrifyingly, this one scene had it all for me. It was not a goofy, cheesy movie, to me in any way. I couldn’t believe what I just watched when that scene came on.

A Sequel

The movie had enough success, probably hurt a few dentist cabinets across the world if you ask me, to create a sequel. While I cannot talk about the sequel because didn’t watch it, that one movie was enough, I must say that if it follows its predecessor, it would be worth watching.

If you feel like giving a chance to a ninety horror flick, The Dentist would be a good one. It has all the horror factors one would be looking for in that type of movie. Yes, a little cheesy due to the subject matter, but worth it.

It scores a nice 6/10 Goosebumps on the Fright Scare Scale! Haha!

The OCD Vampire
Alexa Wayne

One thought on “The Dentist Review

  1. Great review alexa!!! I remember this Movie!!! I hated dentists anyway ,just have me a reason not to like them more!! Lol ! Shared on all my socials!💖😉


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