Gothic Bite Magazine on AMAZON!

We did it! For the season of Fall, GBM is going digital and printed on AMAZON! You can get your own copy on your tablet or as a nice display for your coffee table!

It Happened

One small step for monsters, a giant leap for Gothic Bite Magazine! You know you want it!

After many months thinking about it, Gothic Bite Magazine settled on trying to pull out a magazine worthy of our loyal followers. We all know that Halloween is the Monsters’ Christmas and so, we tried our best to come up with articles that would be worthy of all readers out there.

Gothic Bite Magazine Issue 1 - Kindle Cover
Gothic Bite Magazine Issue 1 – Kindle Cover

The magazine is complete with more than a hundred pages. Sections of historical stories, legends, art, introductions to every members of the Ghoul Family. We even added a few more articles exclusive to the print format. 

Gothic Bite Magazine Logo
Gothic Bite magazine Logo was created by Arielle Lyon.

We have exclusive interviews and one of them is from the author of the Slivered Souls Trilogy, Kandi Vale

300 Years of Witch Trials

What could represent Halloween better than witches? In humankind history, witches have been hunted, persecuted and seen as danger to the survival of people. However, it had to start somewhere and end for a reason and we covered it all.


From England to Austria, you’ll find articles about the history of witches through time and the place they were given in their time period. What was quite special, was a castle named after witches and… werewolves. You’ll also find one of the most gruesome trial in history.

Chasing the Paranormal

Of course, Gothic Bite Magazine’s wouldn’t be complete without an exclusive article done by Artemis Dai! She met with the famous Paranormal Travelers. Not only did she interviewed them, but she also had the chance to go investigate alongside their team.

Gothic Bite Magazine Official Trailer

Artemis shares her experience in an amazing two part article! Unique, unforgettable, the experience she had is worth the read.

Our Advertisers

A magazine wouldn’t be complete without advertisements, but worry not. Gothic Bite Magazine only chose advertisement we knew would please our readers. Authors of the paranormal, horror and editors.

The One Issue

This magazine is a test for GBM, we are trying to get out there and collect more readers. Our goal is to bring more to our readers, be able to advertise more artists and authors.

Each issue we sell proves to us that we are liked and keeps us wanting to give you more. Who knows, maybe we’ll become a seasonal magazine.

The OCD Vampire,
Arielle Lyon

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